News about this site and other Pepys-related events.

Annotations are back

I’ve switched the ability to annotate back on. There’s no more spam appearing right now, but it’s possible it will appear again. If so I’ll have to think of some better solution to the problem.

Annotations switched off temporarily

Due to a huge flood of spam, that shows no sign of stopping after an hour of me fighting it, annotations are currently disabled. I’ll post an update when they’re enabled again.

Encyclopedia references fixed

A couple of months back I said that the references in the Encyclopedia — which link back to the diary entries on which a person, place, etc was mentioned — were no longer updating. I’ve just finished some work that means these should now be complete and up to date at last! It’ll be a couple more days before I get round to making this happen automatically for new diary entries, but by next week everything should up to date on a daily basis. As ever, let me know if you spot anything that’s broken.

Encyclopedia references not updating

If it’s not one thing it’s another… All the Encyclopedia pages have a section at the bottom that shows when that person, building, or whatever is mentioned in the diary. These links are generated automatically by Movable Type’s TrackBack facility. It’s been a bit flaky at times but has mostly worked.

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Annotation formatting fixed

Thanks for being patient over the last few days of nastily unreadable annotations. I’ve finally found the problem and everything should be working fine (well, as fine as it was last week, anyway). I’d changed a setting in Movable Type without realising what other effects it might have. If you want to know more about the cause read on here.

Annotation formatting strangeness

You’ve probably noticed that annotations are looking rather odd at the moment — the text is too large and there are no paragraph breaks. I’m not sure what’s up — Movable Type isn’t formatting them correctly all of a sudden — and for the moment I’m stumped.

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London birthday meet up, 25th Feb

Glyn Thomas has had the idea of organising a meet-up for any readersof the site who’d like to get together in person. It’s Pepys’ birthday very soon so it seems as good an excuse as any (but apologies for the short notice).

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Server errors when annotating

If you post annotations on the site you may well have found you get error messages when trying to do so. It’s happened to me a few times and I don’t post nearly as much as many of you, so I can only apologise for your frustrations!

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An imminent new feature...

Update: The first article has now appeared!

You might notice a few things around here have been tweaked. This is to make room for a new section of the site: In-depth Articles. This will, hopefully, be a home to occasionally essays about aspects of Pepys’ life or the world in which he lived. If you would like to write something that doesn’t seem to fit elsewhere (perhaps because it’s too long for an annotation or covers too many topics to find a home in the Background Info pages), either drop me a line or raise the idea in the discussion group. The first article will appear this week…

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Erratic updates

Well it looks like most things are settling down at the new server. There have been a few little glitches, but I’m hoping this is due to the changes taking a few days to propagate around the internet.

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