News about this site and other Pepys-related events.

An imminent new feature...

Update: The first article has now appeared!

You might notice a few things around here have been tweaked. This is to make room for a new section of the site: In-depth Articles. This will, hopefully, be a home to occasionally essays about aspects of Pepys’ life or the world in which he lived. If you would like to write something that doesn’t seem to fit elsewhere (perhaps because it’s too long for an annotation or covers too many topics to find a home in the Background Info pages), either drop me a line or raise the idea in the discussion group. The first article will appear this week…

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Erratic updates

Well it looks like most things are settling down at the new server. There have been a few little glitches, but I’m hoping this is due to the changes taking a few days to propagate around the internet.

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Annotations switched off temporarily

As promised, the server is moving, and I am about to switch off the ability to post annotations (it may have happened by the time you read this). This makes it easier for me to transfer the database without losing anyone’s contributions. The site should be back to normal in a matter of hours, although it’s possible these things can take a day or two. Thanks for your patience!

Apologies for spoilers

Last night a whole week of the diary appeared on the site… Apoologies if this has spoiled your enjoyment in any way. I updated Movable Type (the software used to run this site) but forgot to re-implement the customisation that copes with the automated posting of 343 year old diary entries. So it posted everything! I’ll try and remember this moment next time I upgrade…

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Pepys walks in London

Glyn Thomas, one of our annotators, has been very busy putting together a walk through the City of London around places familiar to Pepys and readers of his diary. I know some of you have obtained copies direct from Glyn, but we thought it would make sense to put it on the site for anyone else. The 22 page document describes the route and plenty of background. You can download it as a 432K PDF. Many thanks to Glyn for his hard work on this - do let him know what you think! (glyn_thomas1234 [at]

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The story so far is now up to date

The Story So Far section of the site is now up to date, providing a monthly summary of events in the diary. Hopefully this should help people who haven’t been with us since the start, who have to take a break from the diary, or those of us who simply need reminding of past events occasionally.

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Site traffic statistics

It’s been well over a year since I last looked at the traffic statistics for this site - to be honest I’m not overly concerned with getting huge numbers of visitors. Things seem to be going smoothly, with plenty of interesting annotations, and that’s what matters most.

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No imminent site upgrades

I mentioned that I would be upgrading this site’s software so that a simple log-in would be required before posting annotations. This would hopefully help cut down on the large amount of spam appearing in annotations. Unfortunately, the software I was upgrading (Movable Type 3) seems to need a bit more work… rather than try and work round a few problems I’m going to hold off and wait for official fixes. I’ll post another message here whenever I next plan to do this. (If you’re really interested in the problems, there’s more here.)

Possible site problems on Monday

On Monday I will be upgrading the software used to run the site, which will hopefully make it possible to stop the spam links to porn sites appearing in annotations (another few hundred appeared last night). Hopefully all will go smoothly, but this is an advanced warning that if you notice something broken on Monday, I’m probably already trying to fix it!

Spam and site problems

If you’ve been using the site over the past week you’re lucky if you’ve missed all the spam comments flooding the annotations. If the past four days are anything to go by we can expect around 500 of these to appear every night, even with the current safeguards in place. (For what it’s worth, I’m getting a similar number of spams appearing on my personal website.)

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Apologies for recent problems

There were a couple of problems on the site over the past few days: a few error messages appearing and 18th April 1661 failed to appear. Unfortunately web server upgrades coincided with me being on holiday, so I wasn’t aware there was a problem until now.

All is now well. The error messages were only appearing briefly and you can now read the missing 18th April 1661 diary entry.

New further reading section

The old Further Reading page didn’t allow anyone to post their suggestions to it, so we were ending up with book recommendations scattered through the annotations. I’ve now created a new Further Reading section in Background Info, so if you would like to recommend something that isn’t already listed, feel free!

If you want to recommend a book but can’t see a page that’s right for it, do email me and I’ll add one.