BBC Radio 4 has an episode of their Playlist Series focused on the music that Pepys enjoyed. Here’s the blurb:

Samuel Pepys, the famous diarist, loved music. It outlasted all his other passions- even his passion for women. He left hundreds of his favourite songs, some covered in wine stains, relics of drunken musical evenings.

David Owen Norris explores the songs in the Pepys Library in Cambridge with historians Richard Luckett, Jenny Uglow and Basie Gitlin, and recreates the music he loved best. With singers Gwyneth Herbert, Thomas Guthrie and Laura Crowther.

I’ve only listened to the first ten minutes so far, but they seem to discuss things other than the music itself, such as Pepys’ then unique book cases

I expect that, unfortunately, only people in the UK (or pretending to be, using something like TunnelBear) can listen to it. Apparently BBC radio, as opposed to TV, may work OK in other countries.

I think it’s available until Sunday 13th July. If you listen to it and have some highlights to share, post them below!

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Second Reading

Ivan  •  Link

One of the contributors describes "Beauty Retire" as "haunting" but to my ears it sounded heavy and ponderous. However my musical knowledge and maybe appreciation is very limited!

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