It’s taken longer than I hoped, but it’s now possible to post annotations/comments again.

The process is slightly different to before — you’ll now have to create an account on this site before you can post annotations. Hopefully that’s a simple process, and once done it’s easier than ever to post annotations, once you’re logged in.

I’ve done this for a couple of reasons. First, it will hopefully make it easier to block spammers, or stop them posting at all. We’ll have to see how that goes, and if we get spam problems I may end up switching things off again until I can work out a better solution.

Second, it’s now possible to do things like see all of the annotations posted by a person. For example, here’s my page. It currently only shows the most recent annotations, but that may be expanded in future.

If you’ve posted annotations before, and would like your old annotations to be associated with your new account, let me know. I’ll probably do this anyway for some people when I get a chance.

The Recent Activity page has also returned, currently just the same as before.

Let’s see how this goes… I may have to switch annotations off if there are any problems with performance, or strange errors, but hopefully it’ll be OK. It’ll be nice to have the conversation back again; it’s been too quiet around here!

16 Feb 2013, 7:07 a.m. - Katherine Dreher

Glad to see the comments enabled again! I came to the diary fairly late, so I'm starting again from the beginning. I see annotators I recognize from the later years, and I'm inspired that they stuck with the diary for the whole 10 years. I hope there will be newcomers moved to comment as the days go by. Thanks, Phil!

17 Feb 2013, 11:05 p.m. - arby

Thanks Phil, I'm really looking forward to seeing who's still here. I too missed many years and am starting from the beginning. Your annotators were (and will be, I hope) invaluable to me, a pure Pepys n00b when I started reading. You, they, and Sam have made my world a much more interesting place, thanks for all your work and dedication.

18 Feb 2013, 12:56 a.m. - Dick Wilson

It is good to be back. I "lurked" through the first reading of the diary, and read 1660 last year; now we're starting over -- okay! But Phil, I fear it may be too much work for you. You ought to be able to take a holiday or be able to put this chore away from time to time. If you need help, you know what kind you need, and you have but to ask, to get it. Thanks!