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To 1660

The son of William Howe of Windsor and brother of Jack Howe, he was a "junior colleague of Pepys" as one of Mountagu's men and lived in Mountagu's Whitehall lodgings. He was with Mountagu on the Baltic voyage in 1659 and then on the 1660 Holland trip.

He likes to sing and play the viol and violin.

-- L&M Volumes 10 (Companion) and 11 (Index)

David Quidnunc  •  Link

After the period of the Diary

Howe moved to Barbados where, by 1680, he was married and had two children. At some point he became a judge there.

-- Companion volume (10)

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In 1660 on board the Naseby,
Will Howe was Montagu's clerk. He made music with Sam while they were at sea. He continues as part of Montagu's household, and a friend of Sam's, when Montagu is made Earl of Sandwich.

Second Reading

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At the start of the Second Anglo-Dutch War both Howe and Creed assumed they will be Sandwich's Treasurer for the campaign. Pepys diplomatically put the money on the table and waits for them to sort out who takes responsibility for it. Howe takes the money.

By April 1665 Creed had lost Sandwich's trust as it has been revealed he is worth 10,000l., and the suspicion is he profited from their last cruise when he oversaw (and messed up) the fleet accounts. However, both Sandwich and Pepys agree that young Howe is officious. From one point-of-view, Pepys stays neutral by agreeing with both that the other is the problem, but that fans suspicion and jealousy. http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1…

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