Sunday 15 November 1668

(Lord’s day). Up, and after long lying with pleasure talking with my wife, and then up to look up and down our house, which will when our upholster hath done be mighty fine, and so to my chamber, and there did do several things among my papers, and so to the office to write down my journal for 6 or 7 days, my mind having been so troubled as never to get the time to do it before, as may appear a little by the mistakes I have made in this book within these few days. At noon comes Mr. Shepley to dine with me and W. Howe, and there dined and pretty merry, and so after dinner W. Howe to tell me what hath happened between him and the Commissioners of late, who are hot again, more than ever, about my Lord Sandwich’s business of prizes, which I am troubled for, and the more because of the great security and neglect with which, I think, my Lord do look upon this matter, that may yet, for aught I know, undo him. They gone, and Balty being come from the Downs, not very well, is come this day to see us, I to talk with him, and with some pleasure, hoping that he will make a good man. I in the evening to my Office again, to make an end of my journall, and so home to my chamber with W. Hewer to settle some papers, and so to supper and to bed, with my mind pretty quiet, and less troubled about Deb. than I was, though yet I am troubled, I must confess, and would be glad to find her out, though I fear it would be my ruin. This evening there come to sit with us Mr. Pelling, who wondered to see my wife and I so dumpish, but yet it went off only as my wife’s not being well, and, poor wretch, she hath no cause to be well, God knows.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

Gee and it started out so well...What's got into Bess, anyway?

Jesse  •  Link

"though yet I am troubled"

Is it me, or did a simple fancy with Deb turn into an obsession after, perhaps as a result of, his being caught in the act?

Jenny  •  Link

Jesse, I agree with you. Sam has had other women with whom he's done a whole lot more, but the drama of all this seems to have turned the whole thing into a "grand passion". But then again, maybe, we don't know how strong his feelings have been because we can only go by what he has written.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

So does Sam not take Bess' revelations about Sandwich and sons' "efforts" seriously or it is so to be expected that he'd never let that interfere with proper concern for one's patron? "I owe my life to you, Patrone."

Hmmn...Well, Sam certainly would like to consumate the relationship but I doubt it would go much further...Deb is simply the toy snatched away. And nice concern by the guy who claimed to weep for the harm he'd done the girl...He may be convinced he can't get her pregnant but it's still likely to harm her rep severely and clearly Deb is of good family with decent prospects. Lucky The Turner to have her formidable mother to protect her from similar gentlemen.

Australian Susan  •  Link

"Dumpish". We still say we are "down in the dumps". Well, I do, anyway.

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