Tuesday 3 July 1660

All the morning the Officers and Commissioners of the Navy, we met at Sir G. Carteret’s chamber, and agreed upon orders for the Council to supersede the old ones, and empower us to act.

Dined with Mr. Stephens, the Treasurer’s man of the Navy, and Mr. Turner, to whom I offered 50l. out of my own purse for one year, and the benefit of a Clerk’s allowance beside, which he thanked me for; but I find he hath some design yet in his head, which I could not think of.

In the afternoon my heart was quite pulled down, by being told that Mr. Barlow was to enquire to-day for Mr. Coventry; but at night I met with my Lord, who told me that I need not fear, for he would get me the place against the world.

And when I came to W. Howe, he told me that Dr. Petty had been with my Lord, and did tell him that Barlow was a sickly man, and did not intend to execute the place himself, which put me in great comfort again.

Till 2 in the morning writing letters and things for my Lord to send to sea. So home to my wife to bed.

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Colin Gravois  •  Link

Sam's new job.
What a state of mind he must be in. His new post not yet tied down securly, all the toing and froing is beginning to work on our man's nerves. And his offering of 50£ our of his own pocket shows how eager he is to lock it in, but like Yogi Berra said, it’s not over till it’s over, and Sam’s not happy. However, My Lord is holding firm, and he seems to take much comfort in that.

Arbor  •  Link

Thomas Turner [Tourner]... interesting isn't it that just 4 days ago Turner is offering Sam £150 for a joint clerkship, and now, Sam, in a quandary is offering Turner £50 to go away. Think of the heart-ache of the past few days and nights…

helena murphy  •  Link

Sandwich's promise to Pepys to secure him the post of Clerk of the Acts against all the world indicates his, Sandwich's ,self confidence and standing with the Duke of York over that of James's private secretary, William Coventry.The Duke ,a level headed soldier, is more willing to appreciate Sandwich's abilities and forgive him his past than many royalists are.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

L&M note William Petty was Barlow's agent.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

John Evelyn's Diary – he and Mary Browne Evelyn live at Saye's Court, Deptford.



3 July, 1660.
I went to Hyde Park, where was his Majesty, and abundance of gallantry.


Following the Restoration, Charles II reclaimed ownership of Hyde Park and enclosed it in a brick wall. He restocked deer in what is now Buck Hill in Kensington Gardens. The May Day parade continued to be a popular event …

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