Tuesday 25 May 1669

Dined at home; and the rest of the day, morning and afternoon, at the Office.

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jeannine  •  Link

Terry, he's probably stretching it out because he doesn't have the 'cut and paste' option-so when it's hand written a few extra words may slip in there.

Andrew Hamilton  •  Link

Fifteen words! Almost prolix.

Bryan M  •  Link

It's only speculation but my feeling is that Sam decided to finish with the diary when the D of Y accepted his petition on the 19th. Being the tidy/systematic person he was though, he had to wait till the end of the month to stop writing. His heart's not in it any more.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"No, really...No need..."

"Sam'l...I know how much this little journal-keeping means to you. You're always at it in your closet. So just let me keep it for you, now that you're not able to."

"That's very kind, Bess, but my journal is..."

"...Private from me? Is there anything in there I shouldn't see? Why would there be something in there I shouldn't see, Sam'l?" grim look.


"You know it would be wonderful to have you keep entries for me but truth to tell there's so little I generally have to say except when we have a big fire or a war."

Grim look...

"But...Since you offer so sweetly, how can I refuse?"

Three or four days of one line entries, she's sure to get bored...Surely...

Carl in Boston  •  Link

"The commemoration service I attended this morning is organised by the Pepys Club" Such a lucky one you are, to swan about with the Pepys Club. This, the Pepys Club, has been a useful lead for what to do, what to do. Following their book list, I have in my hand "Samuel Pepys The Years Of Peril" by Arthur Bryant, 1947, on interlibrary loan from Merrimack College. The style of writing is light and elegant, such as I haven't read in many a year, and tells the story of what happens after we leave Samuel Pepys hanging from the Reichenbach Falls.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Graham, great pics! I understand from Phil the temp was high.

GrahamT  •  Link

Good pictures David (djc). It isn't often I see photographs of myself as I'm usually behind the camera.

Mary  •  Link

Good photos, David - but, sadly, I can't get Graham's pictures to appear.

nix  •  Link

Thanks for the photos - will anyone be adding identifications, so we can add names to faces?

Thanks from Tucson to all who have helped make this a fascinating and rewarding decade.

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