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About Friday 13 April 1660

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A historic document signed by King Charles II, which helped complete the restoration of the British monarchy after the English Civil War, is up for auction and expected to fetch up to £600,000 ($749,000).…

Known as "The Declaration of Breda," the document was drafted by Charles II and his closest councilors in April 1660 to set out the terms under which he would take the throne after years in exile following the English Civil War and his father's execution

Five copies of the document were sent to England's centers of power -- the House of Commons, the City of London, the Army, the House of Lords and the Navy -- where they each helped gather key support for Charles II.

Three were lost, one is in the Parliamentary Archives, and the fifth, originally delivered to naval commander Edward Montagu, is now being offered for sale, Sotheby's said. The document is entering the public domain for the first time in nearly 40 years, after it was last sold at auction in 1985, the auction house added.

Montagu's secretary, the famous diarist Samuel Pepys, read aloud the declaration at a meeting of the fleet and later described this in his diary entry from May 3 1660.

Second Reading

About Tuesday 25 May 1669

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I know this is after the dairy, but I just came across this article on the sinking of the Gloucester in 1682 with James Duke of York on board. Pepys was a witness to the sinking and wrote a letter describing it.…

Also, link to the English Historical Review about this incident:
DOI: English Historical Review, 2022. 10.1093/ehr/ceac127 (About DOIs).

About Tuesday 17 April 1666

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I notice that he is now referring to Balty as "my brother" instead of "my wife's brother." Maybe now that Balty has demonstrated responsibility in accepting the Muster-Master position rather than holding out for something more grand as befitting the Seigneur St. Michel, Pepys feels more accepting of him.

About Monday 30 January 1664/65

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Today, I came across an article on CNN's website about an art exhibition, "Charles I: King and Collector," at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He was a great patron of the arts and at the time of his execution, had some 1,500 paintings and 500 statues.

The article is headed by a van Dyck canvass showing three views of the king; the usual full frontal as well as left and right profiles. The painting was made as a reference for the Italian sculptor Bernini who used it to create a bust of Charles. (van Dyck was court painter to the king.)……