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About Tuesday 25 May 1669

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I know this is after the dairy, but I just came across this article on the sinking of the Gloucester in 1682 with James Duke of York on board. Pepys was a witness to the sinking and wrote a letter describing it.…

Also, link to the English Historical Review about this incident:
DOI: English Historical Review, 2022. 10.1093/ehr/ceac127 (About DOIs).

About Tuesday 17 April 1666

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I notice that he is now referring to Balty as "my brother" instead of "my wife's brother." Maybe now that Balty has demonstrated responsibility in accepting the Muster-Master position rather than holding out for something more grand as befitting the Seigneur St. Michel, Pepys feels more accepting of him.

About Monday 30 January 1664/65

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Today, I came across an article on CNN's website about an art exhibition, "Charles I: King and Collector," at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He was a great patron of the arts and at the time of his execution, had some 1,500 paintings and 500 statues.

The article is headed by a van Dyck canvass showing three views of the king; the usual full frontal as well as left and right profiles. The painting was made as a reference for the Italian sculptor Bernini who used it to create a bust of Charles. (van Dyck was court painter to the king.)……