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Third Reading

About Thursday 1 November 1660

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@Louise Hudson: I read it as [Pett] was dismissed from his post for having spoken disrespectfully of the King, when [he was] a Child.

About Wednesday 23 May 1660

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As a symbol of Charles II hiding from Cromwell's forces in an oak tree, May 29 1660 was designated a public holiday - Oak Apple Day. Although it ceased to be a holiday in 1859, it was still being celebrated in my childhood in the 1950s. I well remember teachers bringing in oak leaves and the class painting oak trees with the king sticking out of the branches at various angles.

About Saturday 12 May 1660

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Scube, I assume they are moving towards Holland, so Eastwards. The coasts of France and England diverge to the east of the Straits of Dover towards the North Sea, so the ships will move out of sight of land on both sides.

About Friday 16 March 1659/60

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I'm just glad that, 20 years after I posted the original, someone has come up with a better translation.

Second Reading

About Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution

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I was a little disappointed. Despite the large size of the rooms, the exhibition was very superficial. The slide show of the great fire lasted just over two minutes and barely scraped the surface of the diary's descriptions. The past exhibition at the Museum of London was far better in that respect. However, that was dedicated to the fire and plague years, whereas this one covers almost the whole of the 17th century, from before the execution of Charles I to the death of Pepys. Good, perhaps, as an over view, but not for the detail.
It also seemed odd to me that this website wasn't credited on the panel at the end of the exhibition, though the Twitter feed was.

First Reading

About Monday 31 May 1669

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For nine years and some months I have read the journal betimes the morn after its writing with my morning draught of coffee. This day being of note, I make an exception, it being the best entry that I ever read in my life before.
Enough of the Pepysian hyperbole; what will we do now? It is a shame that he self-censored his longhand entries in his future journals.
Fare ye well Sam, Elizabeth, Will, Jane, Deb and the rest of Restoration Britain that has stepped off the screen and into our lives these too few years. I will miss you.
Now to read Jeannine's Next Chapter - and so to bed.

About Belated improvements

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As regards a reference for Phil, may I paraphrase Sir Christopher Wren's epitaph:
"Reader, if you seek his reference - look around you."

About Wednesday 26 May 1669

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I still think of shops selling nails, nuts, bolts and other metal products as Ironmongers, but I'm probably just showing my age.

About Tuesday 25 May 1669

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Good pictures David (djc). It isn't often I see photographs of myself as I'm usually behind the camera.

About End of Diary Events Update

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I would like to thank you for organising today's events. My wife and I really enjoyed both the walk and lunch, and meeting some other Pepysians.
Thank you also to Peter for putting into eloquent words what we all felt.
Thank you.

About Thursday 20 May 1669

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Although he was telling the King and DoY that he was going to Holland for his trip abroad, the fact that he hopes to get a French speaking maid to travel with them suggests that France was the intended destination all along.

About Roll Call. Say hello!

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I have been reading almost from the start, and have managed to follow the diary from various parts of the UK, France and Switzerland, and while visiting Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, New Jersey and San Francisco - wherever I can get an internet connection.
I live in Maidenhead, Berkshire, near Windsor Castle, but usually read the daily updates from work. My office is sited in what was the Moorfields in Pepys' day, (now Finsbury Circus) opposite the old Bedlam Hospital, so I get a little thrill at knowing I walk in his footsteps whenever he visits Moorfields.
Several times I have visited Crutched Friars and St Olave's, and I photographed the bust of Elizabeth on the wall there. There is a link to my photos somewhere on the site.
I will be at the London walk/lunch at the end of the month.

About Monday 26 April 1669

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Guns and Chimneys

I wondered if maybe the blast of Carbon dioxide from a well primed musket (without the ball) would be enough to "blow out" a chimney fire. There is probably more to it than that.

About Saturday 24 April 1669

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"...his wandering eye..." I think it was his wandering hands that got him into this position with Eizabeth.

About Sunday 11 April 1669

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Having seen some of Simon Verelst's flower paintings close up in the Ashmolean, Oxford, (…) I can attest to their lifelike qualities. However, any attempt to touch a dew drop would have seen me frog-marched to the nearest police station.