Saturday 19 September 1668

Up, and to the office, where all the morning busy, and so dined with my people at home, and then to the King’s playhouse, and there saw “The Silent Woman;” the best comedy, I think, that ever was wrote; and sitting by Shadwell the poet, he was big with admiration of it. Here was my Lord Brouncker and W. Pen and their ladies in the box, being grown mighty kind of a sudden; but, God knows, it will last but a little while, I dare swear. Knepp did her part mighty well. And so home straight, and to work, and particularly to my cozen Roger, who, W. Hewer and my wife writes me, do use them with mighty plenty and noble entertainment: so home to supper, and to bed.

All the news now is, that Mr. Trevor is for certain now to be Secretary, in Morrice’s place, which the Duke of York did himself tell me yesterday; and also that Parliament is to be adjourned to the 1st of March, which do please me well, hoping thereby to get my things in a little better order than I should have done; and the less attendances at that end of the town in winter. So home to supper and to bed.

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Andrew Hamilton  •  Link

"that end of town."

Presumably where James James Morrison's mother disappeared.

When I worked on Capitol Hill in 1952, Congress went home around the First of July. Now we in Washington never seem to see the last of them.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"Ben Jonson"

Did but Ben. Johnson know how Follies rise
Swell and look big, how Poets do despise
The lawful charms of wit, and spend their days
In bawdy Prologues and licentious Plays,
He'd bid adieu to th' Elysian Field,
Gay with the splendour that the Muses yield,
And to the dusky world again repair,
To suck the thicker blasts of earthly air,
He'd leave his softer Rhymes, and would dispense
A hoarser sound, he'd Satirist commence
And try to lash the Ideots into Sence.

Thomas Shadwell, in The Tory Poets (1682) 9.…

arby  •  Link

Sam sure doesn't waste any time hitting Broadway after mama leaves town, does he?

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

"sitting by Shadwell the poet, he was big with admiration of it."

L&M note Thomas Shadwell's own realistic plays were strongly influenced by Jonson's.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"the Duke of York did himself tell me yesterday; and also that Parliament is to be adjourned to the 1st of March"

L&M: It was adjourned by proclamation, 19 September: Steele, no. 3513.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

The volume covering correspondence from November 1667 through September 1668 is at…

PAGES 639-640

Sept. 19. 1668
John Pocock to Hickes.

Two Spanish men-of-war, part of the fleet which convoyed over the Constable of Castile for Flanders, have arrived;

also a Dutch man-of-war under young Eversett, with 3 ships under her convoy, bound for Lisbon and Bordeaux,

and 2 new Dutch ships for Surinam;
they are to remain upon the Dutch West India Company's account, being built for that purpose.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 246, No. 86.]

Sept. 19. 1668
Capt. Ant. Deane to Williamson.

I acquainted Mrs. Castle that care would be taken for her supply, and she was satisfied.

As to giving Lord [Arlington] a transcript of my return from Holland, I acquainted the King by word of mouth, who gave me the proposals to peruse, which I returned to you, when you and his lordship desired me to answer as much as I could, and give judgment upon the whole matter, which I did in the margin, but will answer more fully if they are returned.

The experiment ship is in good forwardness.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 246, No. 87.]

Sept. 19. 1668
Sir John Knight to Lord Arlington.

There being a great want of horses in the Island of Nevis,
occasioned by the late war, and the slaughter of horses for provision to save the lives of the inhabitants,
which cannot be replenished unless horses are sent from England,

is requested by John Knight the younger and Company, the owners of the Lizard of Bristol, to ask for a pass to transport 26 geldings in their vessel.

The geldings are of small value, as the best of them did not cost 7/.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 246, No. 90.]

Sept. 19. 1668
for further adjourning the Parliament from 10 Nov., to 1 March next.

With certificate by Lord Arlington that 2 corrections made therein were by the King's command.
(S.P. Dom., Car. II., Case C, No. 7.)

Sept. 19. 1668
The Edgar, Hung Road, Bristol
Capt. John Wettwang to the Navy Commissioners.

Cannot give the value of the carpenter's stores until they are bought, but sends the prices of ironwork and plank.
Shall buy stores required as if they were for himself.

The ship is rigged, and intends for King Road on Wednesday next.

Thinks some of the 15 men that came from Portsmouth have run away, as they have not been aboard these 14 days;
the other 87 are on board, and good men.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 246, No. 92.)

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Sept. 19. 1668
M. Wren to the Navy Commissioners.

His Royal Highness desires a survey to be made of the Anne yacht, and her repair to be put in hand;
if there is not convenience in the King's own yards, it is to be despatched in some merchant's yard.

His Royal Highness approves of what they communicated concerning the weighing of wrecks in the Thames, and would have signified the same himself, but he went a-hunting so early this morning that he could not sign anything.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 246, No. 93.]

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