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Shadwell (L&M Companion)

"Dramatist and wit; friend of Sedley. A better conversationalist than writer, if we may believe Rochester. ('If Shadwell had burnt all he wrote, and printed all he spoke, he would have had more wit and humour than any other poet')"

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Thomas Shadwell

In 1676 his play The Virtuoso, he lampoons the Members of the Royal Society. The central figure Sir Nicholas Gimcrack quotes from Hooke's Micrographia, and the character Sir Formal Trifle pokes fun at John Evelyn.

The Fellows were mortified to learn that the King had attended a performance of the play, evidence that the Royal Society was a laughing stock at the Court.

(Source: John Evelyn, Living for Ingenuity by Gillian Darley)

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SHADWELL, THOMAS (1642?-1692), dramatist and poet; educated at Caius College, Cambridge, and entered Middle Temple; produced the 'Sullen Lovers,' based on Moliere's ' Les Facheux,' at Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, 1668; produced dramatic pieces, including an opera, the 'Enchanted Island' (from Shakespeare's 'Tempest'), 1673, 'Timon of Athens,' 1678, the 'Squire of Alsatia,' 1688, and the 'Scowrers,' 1691; was at open feud with Dryden from 1682, the two poets repeatedly attacking one another in satires, among which were Dryden's 'Medal' and 'MacFlecknoe,' and Shadwell's 'The Medal of John Bayes,' 1682, and a translation of the 'Tenth Satire of Juvenal,' 1687; superseded Dryden as poet-laureate and historiographer royal at the revolution.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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