Wednesday 13 May 1668

Up, and by water to White Hall, and so to Sir H. Cholmly’s, who not being up I made a short visit to Sir W. Coventry, and he and I through the Park to White Hall, and thence I back into the Park, and there met Sir H. Cholmly, and he and I to Sir Stephen Fox’s, where we met and considered the business of the Excise, how far it is charged in reference to the payment of the Guards and Tangier. Thence he and I walked to Westminster Hall and there took a turn, it being holyday, and so back again, and I to the mercer’s, and my tailor’s about a stuff suit that I am going to make. Thence, at noon, to Hercules Pillars, and there dined all alone, and so to White Hall, some of us attended the Duke of York as usual, and so to attend the Council about the business of Hemskirke’s project of building a ship that sails two feet for one of any other ship, which the Council did agree to be put in practice, the King to give him, if it proves good, 5000l. in hand, and 15,000l. more in seven years, which, for my part, I think a piece of folly for them to meddle with, because the secret cannot be long kept. So thence, after Council, having drunk some of the King’s wine and water with Mr. Chevins, my Lord Brouncker, and some others, I by water to the Old Swan, and there to Michell’s, and did see her and drink there, but he being there je ne baiser la; and so back again by water to Spring Garden all alone, and walked a little, and so back again home, and there a little to my viall, and so to bed, Mrs. Turner having sat and supped with me. This morning I hear that last night Sir Thomas Teddiman, poor man! did die by a thrush in his mouth: a good man, and stout and able, and much lamented; though people do make a little mirth, and say, as I believe it did in good part, that the business of the Parliament did break his heart, or, at least, put him into this fever and disorder, that caused his death.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

"...there to Michell’s, and did see her and drink there, but he being there je ne baiser la;..." Sounds like our hero may have been busted or is at least under suspicion ala Betty Mitchell.

Mary  •  Link

"did die by a thrush in his mouth"

L&M glosses 'thrush' as "inflammation of the throat and mouth." These days, with the availability of anti-fungal remedies, thrush seldom represents a serious infection in itself, but if left untreated in cases where underlying health problems exist (diabetes, HIV, cancer etc.) it can develop into a more serious problem, affecting other parts of the body.

arby  •  Link

"stuff suit"?

Mary  •  Link


This is a term that can be applied at this time to any woven fabric, but in this context is most likely to refer to a woollen cloth.

arby  •  Link

Huh. Thanks Mary.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"to Westminster Hall and there took a turn, it being holyday [i.e. holiday]"

The law-courts had "risen" for the vacation on 4 May and Parliament had been adjourned on the 9th. (Per L&M note)

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