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Stephen Fox, born 1627, and said to have been a choir-boy in Salisbury Cathedral. He was the first person to announce the death of Cromwell to Charles II., and at the Restoration he was made Clerk of the Green Cloth, and afterwards Paymaster of the Forces. He was knighted in 1665. He married Elizabeth, daughter of William Whittle of Lancashire. (See June 25th, 1660.) Fox died in 1716. His sons Stephen and Henry were created respectively Earl of Ilchester and Lord Holland.

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more on stephen fox
"...Sir Stephen Fox (1627

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confusion? Ilchester was from Sir Stephen Fox who died 17feb 1718/19 was married 11 jul 1703 Rather late for first effort{maybe a son of the horn player}
Sir Stephen Fox and Christian Hopes had the following children
Stephen fox 1st Earl of Ilchester
Charlotte Fox
same Sir Stephen Fox or son ???

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Stephen Fox, gentlemen, was a yeoman who rose in status to become a governmental minister and minor nobleman. He was knighted in 1665 by King Charles II. King James II later offered Sir Stephen a peerage(probably a barony)upon the condition that he would convert to Roman Catholicism. Sir Stephen Fox refused to become a Papist and, thus, did not become a peer, which is fortunate, since he did not deserve a peerage, and there were already too many Lords Temporal.

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Gentlemen, I apologise for any redundancy.

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The Right Honourable Charles James Fox, the infamous Whig, was amongst his grandsons, I believe. Of course, gentlemen, I am certainly not attempting to insult a grandfather who has long been in his grave.

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"He married Elizabeth, daughter of William Whittle of Lancashire."

According to Tomalin, Sam admired Elizabeth Whittle when she lodged in the house of another Montagu connection in Salisbury Court.

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I am uncertain, sir, but a mistake was probably made.

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I stand corrected. For, he was twice married.

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FOX, SIR STEPHEN (1627-1716), statesman; aided Charles II to escape after Worcester, 1651, and managed the prince's household while in Holland; employed on secret missions to England, 1658-60; paymaster-general, 1661; M.P. for Salisbury, 1661; knighted, 1665; opposed his patron Clarendon's impeachment, 1667; M.P., Westminster, and a commissioner of the treasury, 1679; first commissioner of horse, 1680, and sole commissioner, 1684; suggested and himself contributed towards the foundation of Chelsea Hospital, and built churches, schools, and almshouses; refused a peerage from James II and opposed the bill for a standing army; remained at the treasury under William III; led the Commons in procession at the coronation of Queen Anne, 1702, and was for a time commissioner of horse; M.P., Salisbury, 1714.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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