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About Monday 31 May 1669

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Would love of course to echo everyone’s thanks to Samuel and Phil for the amazing experience… I’m not sure I could commit to going around again but will definitely be popping in for a browse from time to time if it restarts next year. The annotations have made this experience even more rewarding and, although I skimmed 99% of RG’s commentary and his rather odd obsession with the guy’s wife, I have always enjoyed his erudite historical observations and I particularly liked the question he posed here. Out of a cast of hundreds, I think I would choose Knepp to hang out with for the night - she sounded like a LOT of fun and always seemed to remain just out of Sam’s reach. A real live wire and the one that got away…

If haven’t finished the whole loop or you’re going around again, enjoy the ride!

About Saturday 29 May 1669

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Yeah I thought you wen’t around the start of this cycle SDS… Your annotations have gone a long way to enhancing my enjoyment of this amazing experience and these latest Cosmo additions have added even more colour to the 17th Century backdrop. So thanks again for your efforts too. I might pop in to join you from time to time on the next phase if you’re going around again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Only 3 years to go…

About Thursday 20 May 1669

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Who else can’t help wishing that Glyn’s commemoration service at St Olaves was a suitably dull affair?

About Tuesday 2 March 1668/69

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After his nervous anticipation yesterday, the excitement is infectious today. Without doubt one of the most enjoyable entries. He had me hooked at ‘mighty witty really, though troublesome-humoured’. Did he mean mischievous? The two random young gentlemen drafted in to entertain the single young ladies was a nice touch.

About Saturday 13 February 1668/69

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As you’re still out there Terri, please let me take the opportunity to thank you for all of your amazing work here. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this journey and you have skilfully guided us along the way. Your contribution to this whole project is a remarkable achievement. Thank you

About Monday 8 February 1668/69

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“wonderful ill humour“ - lovely phrase. I can almost imagine the wry smile on his lips as he writes this down.

About Sunday 6 December 1668

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Slightly off topic but I’ve finished the remarkable Plot Against Pepys. As good a read as many annotators have already mentioned. (I wanted to wait until the diary was finished but I just couldn’t.) RG’s comment “I begin to wonder if Sam isn't a closet Papist after all...” made me chuckle because all the way through the book there is always the thought “but what if…?” A cracking read and the absolute essential companion to the diary.

About Wednesday 11 November 1668

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It has occurred to me over recent weeks that it is a very long time since Sam last reckoned his accounts and thanked God for his good fortune. During the past year he has been so embroiled in political intrigue, domestic infidelities, an effectively bankrupt Admiralty offering little scope for any shady side deals, and not to forget behind put over a barrel to the tune of an eye watering 500 quid by his returning cousin, that it does make one wonder how his income has suffered during ‘68. I got the impression from earlier entries that he and his colleagues were effectively ‘self employed’ and lived off whatever income they could generate through the navy’s activities. Or, has he been receiving a regular income from the office? Interesting to note that he is now considering loaning out his wealth as a means to spread his risk.

About Tuesday 4 August 1668

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😵🔨 When Robert Gertz’ waffle is 365 words longer than Pepys’ own entry.

About Wednesday 1 July 1668

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So much Vexation and Importunity in one day? Exactly what I was feeling yesterday too. Mostly induced by the brevity of Sam’s diary posts.

About Wednesday 13 May 1668

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‘ Groynes in Sitges, Catalonia, Spain is now known as A Coruña’
Groynes in Galicia, Spain is now known as A Coruña, surely?

About Friday 8 May 1668

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Terry and Sarah your curation of this site is exceptional. Thank you.

About Tuesday 21 April 1668

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‘Had the opportunity the first time in my life to be bold with Knepp …, ‘ We could see that coming a mile off. How could you do it Sam? You’ll break Robert Gertz’ heart.

About Monday 27 January 1667/68

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“ yes, I add my thanks too, job quietly well done” - Salty CAN speak normally!! Shocked 😮. And my thanks too Phil as a second rounder. The past 7 or 8 years have been time very well spent. Amazing effort by all. 👏🏼