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About Friday 24 August 1666

Timo  •  Link

I am already beginning to imagine Sam’s consternation when fire breaks out. When push comes to shove will we get to see how much importance he attaches to these particular possessions?

About Wednesday 1 August 1666

Timo  •  Link

Good point Tony. Give it another 350 years and your average Saudi lad might be able to meet some fun loving girls and gaze upon their breasts too.

About Thursday 14 June 1666

Timo  •  Link

The annotations have been on point of late, none more so than today - with quotes from Genesis, Simon Cameron, Lord Byron, Batman Begins...

About Saturday 5 May 1666

Timo  •  Link

After 6 years reading the diary and its comments, I think Michael L’s contribution might qualify as the wittiest to date. Fine work Sir.

About Monday 2 April 1666

Timo  •  Link

FFWD 200 years to a future CGS giving endless OED explantions of whatever the fk ‘Kool Aid Anyone’ is supposed to mean.

About Thursday 9 November 1665

Timo  •  Link

100% agreed John. Sam derives his pleasure through appreciation of science and the arts, poetry, music and theatre. He is truly part of the metropolitan elite of which we hear so much derision these days.