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About Monday 31 May 1669

Matt Newton  •  Link

As we bid goodbye to another year I hope my old friends here join me in another read through of our favourite diary.
And thanks to Phil of course.

About Wednesday 19 May 1669

Matt Newton  •  Link

Wounded in 9 places?
He'd better not go there again!
But seriously, do we know any more about this tiff?
He said he'd bonked her.
She didn't agree
She arranged for a few heavies to rough him up.
Any more details?
I love a good scandal

About Sunday 7 February 1668/69

Matt Newton  •  Link

All good points and opinions raised, ( some time ago ).
Not sure of the term gas lighting. If it's from USA, I don't partake of colonial phrases.
My vote: after years of mental abuse Bess has melted mentality. Not bipolar and not nutty. But needs some TLC and stability from Sam. He's a very nawty boy who likes to play the field and have his own way. Selfish in extreme. But I like him.

About Tuesday 4 August 1668

Matt Newton  •  Link

Another sad reference to eyesight.
Often linked to writing or reading but did his problem extend to identifying people?

About John Hawley

Matt Newton  •  Link

In Jan '62, Mr. H gives Sam his quarterly salary for duty to Sandwich.
But Sam gives half back.

About Thursday 10 January 1660/61

Matt Newton  •  Link

There comes Mr. Hawley to me and brings me my money for the quarter of a year’s salary of my place under Downing that I was at sea.

Why did Sam give Mr. H half back?