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About Thursday 6 April 1665

Matt Newton  •  Link

The comet sighting remarks got me a thinking....
Where can I find sun rise and sun set times for Pepys days?

About Tuesday 4 April 1665

Matt Newton  •  Link

Admire, yes. Covert, no.
And Sam has a track record of coverting.
He could covert for London.

I took the sewing reference to be ironic.

Good thoughts and comments here.

About Wednesday 8 February 1664/65

Matt Newton  •  Link

Home by coach.
I don't think Sam has his own set of wheels yet. Had there been any mention of costs and payment?
No meters so was the fare agreed at the start of the journey?
Open to dispute perhaps?

About Saturday 21 January 1664/65

Matt Newton  •  Link

Newtonian alchemy. And more.
Let's not forget he was also Master of the Royal Mint ( 1700-1720 ) and pursued ( some may say with fanatical fervour ) those who chose to clip the edges of coin.

About Saturday 21 January 1664/65

Matt Newton  •  Link

I wonder if Sam’s rabbit’s foot has been cured. If not, it won’t be lucky for long.

Cured as I smoked?
Here in Scotlandshire we smoke our fish to cure them.

About Sunday 8 January 1664/65

Matt Newton  •  Link

"... they would not let me in and said nobody was there to speak with me..."

Alehouses were forbidden by law to open during the hours of church service.

Thanks, belatedly, for this.
Anyone any ideas of church service times?
And were there opening and closing time laws?
Just asking for a friend.....

About Wednesday 4 January 1664/65

Matt Newton  •  Link

Anyone any thoughts on Sam's condition?
I suffer from urticaria and there is a type induced by cold weather.
Not yet able to find the cause of my own but this could be Sam's problem.