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About Monday 11 June 1660

Matt Newton  •  Link

Definitely a change over the last few days. Ties in with the notes being pasted into to diary. And agree with above comments; too busy to write them up and love the idea that he had left the diary on his ship.
Patience required folks. Sam is soon back to his old self.

About Thursday 14 September 1665

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I suspect that the "plate" that was left at home is not what we now call "silver plate", i.e. silver plated on base metal such as copper or cupronickel.
Nick, so actual eat off kind of plates? Not bars?
Does the term plate cover any of his silver items?

About Monday 28 August 1665

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Not mentioned in the diary but didn't Viner keep the dead body of a black slave/ servant? Dried out in an oven?

About Saturday 26 August 1665

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Up betimes, and prepared to my great satisfaction an account for the board of my office disbursements, which I had suffered to run on to almost 120l

How exactly was Sam paid this?
Who signed off on it?
Did he have to provide receipts?

Many thanks folks for opinions..

About Thursday 6 April 1665

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The comet sighting remarks got me a thinking....
Where can I find sun rise and sun set times for Pepys days?

About Tuesday 4 April 1665

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Admire, yes. Covert, no.
And Sam has a track record of coverting.
He could covert for London.

I took the sewing reference to be ironic.

Good thoughts and comments here.

About Wednesday 8 February 1664/65

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Home by coach.
I don't think Sam has his own set of wheels yet. Had there been any mention of costs and payment?
No meters so was the fare agreed at the start of the journey?
Open to dispute perhaps?