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gerry  •  Link

per L&M the loan was repaid Mar 1 1662.

Bradford  •  Link

Just try to guess which Elizabethan dramatist wrote "The Woman's Prize or the Tamer Tamed." Yes, it's that Restoration favorite, John Fletcher, who contrived this sequel to "The Taming of the Shrew." Here's an excellent, clear, concise scholarly page devoted to the play, complete with synopsis:


language hat  •  Link

"This night I was forced to borrow 40l"

I thought Sam was rolling in it. Guess I haven't been following the cash flow closely enough.

vicente  •  Link

Shame, we do not have his little morrocan leather bound accounts book. That is that the little book in which he really keeps his real secrets, LSD and farthings. But it does go to show that if the pence [mod: pea, pee] are not kept watch of. the pounds will so disappear.. Speculation!? Mam Ma [mother she was out a spending the nest egg that was not there], Pall or the wifey, or has Sam been down to the coffee shop and buying a piece [a stake] of a ship and not saying? He is one not for talking about 3 card monte, he may have spent too much on Jem? and not saying .
LSD [pound shilling and pence or Libra solidus , denareus ] [ Pund of solidos?]

vicente  •  Link

Playing with a Bladder: Sam doth miss another meeting of the boys: From Evelyn J. 31 july 1661. "... To our Society, where a bladder blowne up onely raised a weight of 24 pound; it was at first flaxid & welted on purpose, & the weight hanged at its bottome, then the wind conveyd thro a pipe that had a valve &c:.." [wind not from peter]

Robert Gertz  •  Link

40 pounds!? Zounds! A short time ago the bulk of his year's salary under Mr. Downing.

Can't believe it was Ms. Beth Pepys' fault, he'd be raging for three entries at least. No, maybe Mum overspent but I'd bet it was Sam and his fine new suits and big renovation plans.

Batten must be rolling in it...

vicente  •  Link

Battens income, I read is 900L per annum basic plus side benefits. Sam 'tis 300L I do believe, but the benefits oh! ah! la! la!. 'tis still reason that one spends a few mill to get a 200,000 blahs public service job.

vicente  •  Link

gleened from history [official, 'tis better than memory]
Slingsby in 1660 earnt 500L as controller
the Clerk of the Acts did earn 350L [Our ladd Sam]

Batten earnt 490L
Penn also got 500L
according to

Jesse  •  Link

"This night I was forced to borrow"

Rather sudden. Perhaps not to pay off existing debts but to have some hard cash for the trip ("prepared to go to Walthamstow to-morrow") and other expenses coming up.

Mary  •  Link

borrowing £40.

Pepys hasn’t mentioned being paid recently …. neither for work at the Privy Seal nor for his Navy Office duties…. though earlier in the diary he was quite punctilious about noting what had been paid/what was due. Looks like cash-flow problems.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Sam only gets 250 pds per annum as CofA as he must give over 100 to Mr. Barlow, the former CofA. (Who Sam liked on meeting but no doubt would not regret seeing 6ft under) As one of Downing's clerks he made 50 pds per annum, a nice salary. Hard to imagine the look on Elizabeth's face (if he told her) that they were nearly a former year's salary in arrears and now in debt for same to Batten. "For-for-for...Forty? Forty pounds?! Mon Dieu! Samuel?!!" "At midnight, my wife being somewhat trouble at the size of our debts, I did race to the office, shutting all doors against my insanely raging wife's coming..."

Saul Pfeffer  •  Link

When Sam borrows 40 quid what does he borrow ? Coin ? Is there folding money in circulation ? We know that there was a paucity of ATMs at that time : what was the state of money circulation? Can one you inform me on this vital issue please.

Mary  •  Link


There's lots of information in the Background 'Money' site.

JWB  •  Link

Mr. Moore was waiting for him at home yesterday.

JWB  •  Link

And Sam wrote a letter to Montagu that night.

dirk  •  Link

"was forced to borrow..."

A clear illustration of the difference between solvability and liquidity (accountancy concepts):Sam was clearly "worth" more than 10 times the 40£ borrowed, but he just didn’t have the cash…

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

"was forced to borrow..."

On 24 May 1661 Sam said that he was "clearly worth 500l. in money." (And in September he will be "worth near 600l.") If he doesn't have 40l. in cash money on hand, where is this 500l. "in money"? Lent out? Owed to him? Where?

Pepys' Wealth: http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclo…

Matt Newton  •  Link

And will there be interest to pay back on top of the 40 smackers?

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