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Phil  •  Link

Hawly/Hawley was a clerk to George Downing (as was Pepys) between 1658 and 1660. He also lived in Axe Yard, where Pepys did when he began the diary.

David Quidnunc  •  Link

He lives with "Father" Robert Bowyer,

who is "usher of the receipt" in the Exchequer office where Hawley works. At least, Hawley is living there until late 1660, when he moves out. (Bowyer, by the way, had five daughters to marry off.)

In March 1658, George Downing refers to Hawley as "my servant at my house," and later he was living at Major Greenleaf's in the Axe Yard.

-- Latham & Matthews, Vols. 1 (1660), 10 (Companion), 11 (Index)

vincent  •  Link

I'm a little disappointed with SP after reading the Hawly trackbacks:
on jan 21 59/ 60 "...in came Mr. Hawly newly come from shipboard from his master , and brought me a letter of direction what to do in his lawsuit with Squib about his house and office..."
"...This day I should have been at Guildhall to have borne witness for my brother Hawly against Black Collar, but I could not, at which I was troubled..."
july 13th:

after all the card games and sharing of table:
Of course this diary is really fantasique in that one gets to see into the mind of a Person who is prepared to show all the worts to himself:(lucky for us that he put pen to paper and that the Victorian ethic was minimised when finally exposed)

Second Reading

Matt Newton  •  Link

In Jan '62, Mr. H gives Sam his quarterly salary for duty to Sandwich.
But Sam gives half back.

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