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About Friday 11 November 1664

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Sasha Clarkson 3 days ago • Link • Flag

I'm sure that there are several instances of men who married an heiress taking their wife's surname to continue it.

On Skye, Scotlandshire, UK,
The Laird of Dunvegan took his wife's maiden name in order to inherit the estate.

About Thursday 3 November 1664

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And I see Sam appears to walk away from the tavern/ rondevous with Mrs.B.
Thence back to the town, and we parted and I home, and then at the office ...

Strange, to me, that he would leave with his 'friend'.
Far better, surely, to slip away alone and innocent?

About Wednesday 2 November 1664

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Another long day for Mr. Sam

"Up betimes, and down with Mr. Castle"

Up and down

From A Hamilton...
"At night to Nellson’s, and up and down about business,"

And up and down

"then home to supper and to bed."

And down at last.

What milage was Sam walking on such a day?

About Monday 31 October 1664

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Re being vex on the Bess/ money issues, at first I read this as Sam being vexed with himself at chiding her.
Am i wrong?

About Sunday 30 October 1664

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Church today.
Twice. Anyone any ideas of service times?
From previous entries it appeared in order to turn up late and/ or leave early if the sermon wasn't up to par.

About Tuesday 6 September 1664

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"over, and I hope to have made a good business of it and to receive 100l. by it the next weeke"
How were these err.. gratuities/ backhanders paid to Sam?
I recall the coins in a glove trick but any ideas as to how he received this early Christmas bonus?

About Sunday 31 July 1664

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Thanks James. That would be my own thinking.
Not just the coins in his chest but also owed money and certain gifts.
Yes, I would like to know if his accounts exist. Even if only for a short period.

About Sunday 31 July 1664

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Any ideas on how Sam calculated his wealth?
Was he counting physical money or adding in the value of plate and goods?

About Monday 11 July 1664

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I grew up in Barnet but have never heard of the Wells.
All links above for info. do not now work.
Anyone any info on where the Well was located. There are plenty of ponds on Hadley Common. Could this be the location?

About Versions of the diary

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Any likelihood of the L&M being made available for Kindle users?
Out of interest, anyone any ideas as to why it is unavailable?

About Sunday 24 May 1663

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Any thoughts on Sam's constipation being caused by his diet?
Any research done here on the general diet of 1600's.

About Wednesday 20 May 1663

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Sam clocks up quite a few miles on foot today.
Is there any data on the distances he walks?
And then once home he struts his stuff with Mr. Pem!
What stamina.

About Wednesday 6 May 1663

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" and after supper we up to our dancing room"

Surely not a whole room dedicated to the hoky poky?

Any house plans available for Pepys des res?
He certainly has his pad modified once that slippery naval ladder had been climbed.