Wednesday 22 July 1668

All the morning at the office. Dined at home, and then to White Hall with Symson the joyner, and after attending at the Committee of the Navy about the old business of tickets, where the only expedient they have found is to bind the Commanders and Officers by oaths. The Duke of York told me how the Duke of Buckingham, after the Council the other day, did make mirth at my position, about the sufficiency of present rules in the business of tickets; and here I took occasion to desire a private discourse with the Duke of York, and he granted it to me on Friday next. So to shew Symson the King’s new lodgings for his chimnies, which I desire to have one built in that mode, and so I home, and with little supper, to bed. This day a falling out between my wife and Deb., about a hood lost, which vexed me.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Buckingham did diss you on the rules for tickets, Pepys."

"Dissed me, Your Grace?"

"And how..."

"Your Grace, I request private audience in which I shall counter this dissing and tender matter of great and grave import to your Grace's authority...Namely, your Grace, to show therein how you yourself have thus been dissed by His Grace."


"Indeed, your Grace...And most thoroughly. Grant me but leave to show you how so in most full detail."

"Granted, Friday next. Dissed, you say?"

"Most unhappily...I must say so, your Grace."

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