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Lord Manchester and Catarina de Braganca.

According to Hilda Lewis in her biography of Catarina, Lord Manchester was the first person that the Portuguese Ambassador, D. Fransico de Mello, sounded out about the proposed marriage. Her mother D. Luisa had already had words with Luis XIV and Henrietta. The King then went on to consult with Hyde.
It was probably during May 1661?

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MONTAGU, EDWARD, second Earl of Мanchester (1602-1671), son of Sir Henry Montagu, first earl of Manchester; of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; М.P., Huntingdon, 1623 and 1625; K.B. and created Baron Montagu of Kimbolton, but known as Viscount Mandeville on his father being created Earl of Manchester, 1626; took command of a foot regiment in Essex's army, 1642; lord-lieutenant of Huntingdonshire and Northamptonshire, 1642 ; succeeded as Earl of Manchester, 1642; major-general of the associated counties, 1643; joined Cromwell and Fairfax in winning Horncastle fight and Lincoln, 1643; directed to 'regulate' the university of Cambridge, 1644; secured Lincolnshire for the parliament, 1644; marched to Fairfax's assistance at York, 1644; palpably negligent at the second battle of Newbury, 1644; charged by Cromwell in the House of Commons with neglect and incompetency in the prosecution of the war, 1644; resigned his commission, 1645; opposed the ordinance for the king's trial, 1649; retired from public life when the formation of a commonwealth became inevitable; chancellor of the university of Cambridge, 1649-51; welcomed Charles II; one of the commissioners of the great seal, 1660; restored to his lord-lieutenancy chancellorship, 1660; privy councillor and lord chamberlain, 1660; inclined to leniency on the trial of the regicides, 1660; K.G., 1661; made a general when the Dutch appeared in the Channel, 1667.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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