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"Anthony Deane, [31.7.1662] Assistant-Shipwright at Woolich, was to become a distinguished naval architect and a close friend of Pepys." L&M: iii.151.n.1.

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From Assistant-Shipwright under Christopher Pett at Woolwich in 1662, "Anthony Deane rose to become Master-Shipwright (Portsmouth) in 1668, and Navy Commissioner and knight in 1675....The 30 ships he built under the act of 1677 Pepys regarded as the best in the world: Naval Minutes, p. 227." L&M, iii.170.n.1.

A short biography of Sir Anthony Deane

Portrait of Sir Anthony Deane

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from L&M Companion
(?1638-1721). Shipwright and friend. Charles II and James II, as well as Pepys, looked on him as the most skilful designer of his day. (Even Louis XIV engaged him to design two of his yachts.) Pepys's admiration, clear from the diary, is even clearer in their correspondence (virtually continuous from the '60s until Pepys's death) and in Pepys's 'Naval Minutes'. Appointed the assistant at Woolwich in 1660, he became Master-Shipwright at Harwich (his native town) in 1664, and at Portsmouth in 1668. He was Navy Commissioner at Portsmouth 1672-5, and a member of the Navy Board 1675-80, and was Pepy's principal ally both in the shipbuilding programme of 1677-8 and in the work of the Special Commission of 1686-8. Like Pepys, he fell under the unjust suspicion during the Popish Plot scare of selling naval secrets to France, and was briefly imprisoned with him in 1679. In June 1680 both were discharged before being brought to trial. In two parliaments--those of 1679 and 1685-7--he shared the representaton of Harwich with Pepys. He was a pall bearer at Pepys's funeral.

Pepys kept in his libary a portrait drawing of Deane, as well as several volumes of his manuscript calculations and drawing, including the 'Doctrine of Naval Architecture' written at Pepys's request in 1670.

[He was about five years younger than Sam]

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shows Sam how to use a sliding ruler similar to Sam's purchase passed. [5 /5/63]

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