The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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michael j. gresk m.a.   Link to this

necropolis of royality, scientists, artists, musicians. the note-worthy and those who thought the were. the tomb of edward confessor is the focal point. a medieval pligrimage destination. the 13 th century abbey fabric is english gothic/perpendicular built by henry III, with many varing styles represented in tombs & shrines. the coronation chair, the quads, museum displays must be seen.

Michael Robinson   Link to this

Wencaslaus Hollar (Czech/British, 1607-1677)

Westminster from the river; view of Westminster abbey taken from mid-stream, with the Parliament on the left the Hall and Westminster stairs in the centre; boats in the foreground.
Etching, 1647.

Terry Foreman   Link to this

Westminster Hall is in the northeast of this Rocque map segment.

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