NOTE: The list described here was closed at the end of 2022 and replaced by one at Buttondown. See this Site News post for more info.

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve changed the service used to send each day’s diary entry out by email, which means people need to subscribe to the new service (instructions here). The old service has now been switched off.

Some statistics for anyone interested… 2559 people had signed up to the old email service on Feedburner, which we started in 2007. Of those, 1931 were “active” and being sent emails. The rest had never confirmed their email address or were “paused”, possibly because emails to their addresses were bouncing.

Currently, 309 people have successfully signed up to the new Diary Entries group at So there are either going to be a lot of people wondering why their emails have stopped, or a lot of people who were sent emails from the Feedburner service who never read them, and so didn’t notice the message about the service changing. Or a mixture of the two! We’ll see.

Those 309 people have also had to join the Discussion Group. Some have, understandably, chosen not to receive emails from that group, while some will be receiving them. I hope the new members enjoy the interesting links and discussion that happens there.

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to sign up to the new group. I realise it’s a slightly convoluted process but, thanks to being “grandfathered in” to’s premium features, which we’d otherwise have to pay for, it’s the only way I could reliably run a mailing list for hundreds of people for free.


Second Reading

James Morgan  •  Link

It's a super service. Thanks for your work on it.

JayW  •  Link

My thanks too Phil. Always enjoy my daily trip to the past, especially as a Londoner now living out in the country - and as it’s now over a year since I travelled in to the City it reminds me of familiar places from my own past.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Thanks for finding this work-around; I'm enjoying meeting everyone in the Discussion Group.

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