For years it’s been possible to receive “today’s” diary entry by email through the Feedburner service. That service is ending the email feature and so I’m changing how the emails work.

If you wish to continue receiving diary entries by email you must subscribe to the new group by the end of April 2021. After this emails will not be sent by the existing Feedburner-powered service.

I’ve written instructions for how to subscribe to the new group on the formats page.

Unfortunately it’s slightly complicated because it also means joining the main Discussion group, although you can turn off the emails for that group if you don’t want to receive them (although it is interesting!).

This is the only way I could keep the diary-entries-by-email feature running at no cost.

I’ll be adding a note at the top of every diary entry for the next couple of weeks in the hope no one misses this change.

If you have any questions, do post a comment below, or email me.

UPDATE: I’ve tweaked the instructions a little because the “Join This Group” button wasn’t working. If you had problems before, try again with the new instructions! (22 April 2021)


Second Reading

Phil Gyford  •  Link

I've added an update noting that I've tweaked the instructions for subscribing to the new group. Hopefully these new instructions work better.

StanB  •  Link

Evening Phil, we haven't spoken for a while but hope your fairing well throughout this dreadful pandemic, Don't know about you mate but it's given me a real sense of some of what Sam and his family went through
Thanks for the updates I couldn't be without my 17th century fix every day

Stay safe and Best regards to you and yours

Christina  •  Link

Hi I have been reading the daily entries via my email address for @ 10 years & I thought I had re entered my details to retain the entries via email but I'm not receiving them so can anyone explain what I need to do. Thank you in advance Christina

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