As previously mentioned I’ve moved the email list for receiving each day’s diary entry, and you can now subscribe at Buttondown.

If you were receiving the daily emails up to the end of the diary in May, or joined the daily diary entries list on since then, your email address will have been transferred to the new list automatically.

I’ll close the daily diary entries list at soon.

This doesn’t affect the discussion group which will continue where it is.

Why make this change?

Some of you might remember that the daily diary entry list was previously hosted at Feedburner and was moved to in May 2021. The good thing about this was that it continued to be free. But, because that list had to be a “sub group” of the main Discussion group, it was annoyingly complicated to subscribe to it.

This time around I’d like to make it as simple as possible and so I’m moving it again, just before the third reading of the diary begins, to a dedicated mailing list provider, Buttondown, a nice, small company. It costs a bit of money but hopefully it will be worth it, given the ease of subscribing and a few other little features.

So, if you’re not already, and would like to be, subscribe at Buttondown.


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