As well as reading diary entries on this website you can read them in daily emails, RSS feed, Twitter, Mastodon, or LiveJournal.


At we have two groups:

Because of how works, in order to join the Diary Entries group you must also join the Discussion "sub-group". However, you can turn off the Discussion group’s emails if you don’t want to receive them.

  1. Send an email to

  2. You should receive an email from asking you to confirm your address. Reply to that email as instructed.

  3. You’ll receive two emails welcoming you to both of the groups.

  4. If you don’t wish to receive emails from the main Discussion group you can change your subscription settings:

    1. Send an email to

    2. You’ll receive a confirmation email – reply to this to confirm the change.

Sorry that this is a bit complicated. If you have difficulty, do email me.


There are a variety of RSS feeds available for different parts of the site (learn more about feeds at


The @samuelpepys Twitter account updates several times a day with excerpts from that day’s diary entry.


The Mastodon account features the same texts, at the same times, as the Twitter account.


If you use LiveJournal you can access the latest diary entries there.