Samuel Pepys’s mother. She married John Pepys on 15th October 1626. They had eleven children, seven of whom died young.

She lived with her husband in St Bride’s parish in London until 1661 when he inherited a property in Brampton, Cambridgeshire from his brother Robert, and they both moved there. She died in 1667.

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Samuel's mother.

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nee Kite, mother of eleven in fouteen years, was married 1626.

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She bore eleven children in fourteen years.

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On 15 Oct. 1626 John Pepys married Margaret Kite of Newington Green, a girl of simple birth who had been a washmaid in her youth. The baptisms of eleven of their children and burials of seven are recorded in the church registers....--tetchy, improvident and invalidish--seems to have been less likeable [than her husband]. She was apparently a sectarian, and it may be significant that before marriage she worked in the household of Lady Vere, a prominent Puritan, and that some of her relatives (the Gileses) were Quakers. She died in 1667.

L&M Companion

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Entries mentioning 'my mother' through May 31, 1661

13 February 1659/60: while my mother sent her maid Bess to Cheapside for some herbs to make a water for my mouth

28 February 1659/60: (calling in my way and saw my mother)

29 February 1659/60: So to my mother

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What year was margaret pepys born in?

Mary  •  Link

Margaret Pepys's birthdate is not (yet) known.

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