Friday 14 October 1664

Up by break of day, and got to Brampton by three o’clock, where my father and mother overjoyed to see me, my mother, ready to weepe every time she looked upon me. After dinner my father and I to the Court, and there did all our business to my mind, as I have set down in a paper particularly expressing our proceedings at this court. So home, where W. Joyce full of talk and pleased with his journey, and after supper I to bed and left my father, mother, and him laughing.

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Terry F  •  Link

"I to the Court, and there did all our business to my mind"

Pigott's debt is settled, and thereby a piece of Uncle Robert's Will.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"...after supper I to bed and left my father, mother, and him laughing."

"Michael Corleone" Pepys, always a little isolated in, and as he rises, increasingly cut off from his family. Though of course not quite so dangerous when aroused...We hope.

"Hewer. Young and Whistler have not treated me with proper...Respect on the calico issue. Have Creed see them and..."

"...Make them an offer they can't refuse, sir?"

"Hmmn. I was going to say threaten them a bit over their past corrupt dealings but that's rather more catchy."

Bradford  •  Link

And wouldn't you like to know what they were laughing about, eh?
Now: how long will be it before Ma and Pa revert to their customary colors and Son wearies of their company, short though the visit has been?

Pedro  •  Link

On this day Goree was surrendered along with its fortresses and all the properties to the Dutch West India Company.

The next morning the Dutch troops occupied the two forts, Oranje and Nassau. The English were allowed to sail to their possessions on the Gambia, or in Sierra Leone, or on to the Gold Coast, and the warship was allowed to leave. In England it was said that De Ruyter displayed considerable cruelty in the the treatment of the prisoners, that he tied men, women and children together, back to back, and threw them into the sea; but these stories were sheer inventions.

(Life of Admiral De Ruyter by Blok)

Pedro  •  Link

October 14th

Letters to lords leiutenant of several counties to cause straggling seamen to be aprehended.

Letter from Duke of York to the Committee for affairs of the navy conveying HM's commands for laying out a general emargo on all ships, except bona fide fishing vessels trading from port to port and the East India ships.

(Memorials of the Professional Life and Times of Sir William Penn by Granville Penn)

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