After the death of Thomas Wriothesley, Lord Treasurer from 1660 to 1667, the treasury was managed by a commission.

On 22 May 1667 Pepys wrote:

Up, and by water to White Hall to Sir G. Carteret, who tells me now for certain how the Commission for the Treasury is disposed of: viz., to Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashly, Sir W. Coventry, Sir John Duncomb, and Sir Thomas Clifford: at which, he says, all the whole Court is disturbed; it having been once concluded otherwise into the other hands formerly mentioned in yesterday’s notes, but all of a sudden the King’s choice was changed, and these are to be the men; the first of which is only for a puppet to give honour to the rest. He do presage that these men will make it their business to find faults in the management of the late Lord Treasurer, and in discouraging the bankers: but I am, whatever I in compliance do say to him, of another mind, and my heart is very glad of it, for I do expect they will do much good, and that it is the happiest thing that hath appeared to me for the good of the nation since the King come in.

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Commission of the Treasury (1 June 1667 - 28 November 1672)

* George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle, First Lord (until 3 January 1670)
* Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 1st Baron Ashley, also Chancellor of the Exchequer
* Sir Thomas Clifford, Comptroller of the Household
* Sir William Coventry (until 8 April 1669)
* Sir John Duncombe

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