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Per L&M Companion:-

1st. Baron Clifford (1630-73). One of the ablest and boldest politicians of his day a strong supporter of royal power and the Catholic interest and a violent enemy of the Dutch. M.P. for Totnes1660, 1661-72; a Privy Counselor from 1666; created baron 1672. The principal offices he held were those of Comptroller, then Treasurer of the Household 1666-72; Treasury Commissioner 1667-72 and Lord Treasurer 1672-3; he was also a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber 1660-73, a Fishery Commissioner from 1664, a sub-commissioner of the Sick and Wounded and a Commissioner for Prizes 1664-7. He served ion the fleet in the Second Dutch War and had a large part in precipitating the war of 1672-4. Pepys remarks more than once on his ability and his astonishing rise to power. He resigned after the Test Act in 1673, being received into the Catholic church at about that time. His death shortly after was said (probably wrongly) to have been suicide.



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