Monday 7 September 1668

At the office all the morning, we met, and at noon dined at home, and after dinner carried my wife and Deb. to Unthanke’s, and I to White Hall with Mr. Gibson, where the rest of our officers met us, and to the Commissioners of the Treasury about the Victualling contract, but staid not long, but thence, sending Gibson to my wife, I with Lord Brouncker (who was this day in an unusual manner merry, I believe with drink), J. Minnes, and W. Pen to Bartholomew-Fair; and there saw the dancing mare again, which, to-day, I find to act much worse than the other day, she forgetting many things, which her master beat her for, and was mightily vexed; and then the dancing of the ropes, and also the little stage-play, which is very ridiculous, and so home to the office with Lord Brouncker, W. Pen, and myself (J. Minnes being gone home before not well), and so, after a little talk together, I home to supper and to bed.

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Mark S  •  Link

"the little stage-play, which is very ridiculous"

Almost certainly ridiculous = funny, humorous in a positive sense, not silly or absurd as it would mean today.

Teresa Forster  •  Link

Poor horse.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

The entire Navy Office at Bartholomew Fair?

"Sir? Are we going to Bartholomew Fair?"

"Brouncker, me, Penn, and Minnes...Gibson, remember me to my wife you'll find at Unthankes. Remind her she is the true love of mine."

("Trouble in Paradise, I'd say..." Minnes hisses to Penn)

"Tell her to bring me my Camelot suit...Brouncker, me, Penn, and Minnes...Remember me also to Willet..."

(Hewer frowning, aside...) "Sir, remember thy true love of thine..."

Neanwhile back at the Office.

Members of the Parliamentary Commission glancing round...At an empty office...

"So the entire senior staff went off to Bartholomew Fair?"

"Brouncker, Pepys, Penn, and Minnes...Yes, sir." Hayter nods.

"Tell them to collect their things by noon tommorrow...They collectively are canned."

rob  •  Link

@Robert Gertz;

Good to see that you still are with us to lighten many a dark lunch-hour.

Thanks for your many, many wonderful contributions to this site, My thoughts are with you.

john  •  Link

Poor horse, indeed. Different sensibilities then -- horses and people regularly beaten.

London Lynn  •  Link

Robert Gertz, like the reference to Scarborough Fair. Of course, now it’s in my head!

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