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About Friday 8 December 1665

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the taciturn Christopher Knepp was by trade a horse-dealer. Or, in modern terms, a second-hand car salesman.
"Dragged out on a cold night all the way to Greenwich, to meet some of her wealthy friends who might be in the market for a horse or two - and all they did was sing - until two in the flaming morning - and then she accuses me of being bad company. Me! "

About Tuesday 28 November 1665

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Wouldn't Sam have loved Blackberries.
A fine example of the speed of change! Ten years later and I can't recall what a Blackberry was.

About Monday 27 November 1665

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A long day full of eating, drinking, lusting,singing and business. Whatever happened to little Christopher while all this was going on? Did he just lie down in the corner of each room?

About Friday 17 November 1665

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"because it is base enough for a single voice,"

I think in this context 'base' means accompaniment or support for the singer.

About Saturday 4 November 1665

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At noon with him to dinner at Boreman’s, where Mr. Seymour with us, who is a most conceited fellow and not over much in him

Plus ca change, etc. The present Speaker of the House of Commons also fits that description.

About Sunday 29 October 1665

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"God good in manifold mercies for which my soul praises him over near 101. died at Colchester."

The logic of this, presumably, is that if God wasn't being merciful that week maybe 1001 might have died? I wonder if the Rev. Josselin ever privately questioned his religious cliches?

About Sunday 22 October 1665

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" the Dutch Embassador at Oxford is clapped up,"

I'm slightly surprised at the apparent confusion around this expression. In the UK at least to be "clapped in jail" is still in common, albeit slightly old-fashioned, use.

About Sunday 15 October 1665

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"nobody minding the publique, but every body himself and his lusts. "

"ah yes, well, one has to seek some relief from the pressures of state, of course..... and if one has dependants to provide for....."

"Oh I didn't mean you Pepys!"

About Thursday 5 October 1665

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Slightly off topic but I learned from a recent TV programme that the genius woodcarver Grinling Gibbons was discovered by Evelyn who was passing GG's lowly cottage near the docks and spotted some carved items in the window. Evelyn effectively sponsored him by introducing him to the great and good.