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About Thursday 12 April 1666

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As a Brit, I still recognise "homely" in the same way - not ugly, but rather plain perhaps.
However, who is Sam describing as such? He has just mentioned four women including his wife in one sentence.

About Sunday 8 April 1666

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Or he was shot - but the room was locked from the inside and there was no trace of a gun!
Sorry, there are some things we will never know.

About Wednesday 4 April 1666

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" and proposes a business for which he hath promised Mrs. Williams for my Lord Bruncker a set of plate shall cost him 500l. and me the like, which will be a good business indeed."

I read this as Cocke offering £500 to Bruncker AND to Sam as well. If he can lay out £1,000 in bribes it must be a spectacularly good business. We await more details......

About Friday 9 March 1665/66

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Well, ok...Sam Pepys is never cold about anything...But his campaign ala Bagwell was and is very calculated and unfeeling.

Putting our modern morals aside, I see Sam and the Bagwells regarding this as a business matter. They could not afford to bribe him with money to gain advantage so they bribed him with the only asset they had. I don't think Sam ever expressed any false affection for Mrs B. and, to be fair, he kept his side of the bargain.

About Tuesday 6 March 1665/66

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Dining obligations, as with so many things in Britain past and present, were probably governed by social standing. The great houses were permanently open to equals and deserving lessers (like Sam). Sam, being lower on the social scale - but climbing - usually entertained his friends and useful folk beneath him like the clerks.
Brounker, by inviting himself round, is probably indicating a social promotion for Sam which he passed with flying colours.
Of course, such things are very subtle, no fixed rules.

About Monday 5 March 1665/66

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£200! That takes the total to £4800 - so close to £5000! You can imagine a throbbing rhythm in Sam's mind as he goes about his business:

"Nearly there, nearly there..."

About Tuesday 13 February 1665/66

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Can't argue with casual misogyny, then or now, but I think there is an element of familiar affection as well. Much like we males saying " I saw old Charlie today."

About Monday 29 January 1665/66

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Jamie and Charlie showing a deal of consideration these last two days...They really do seem to have appreciated Sam's efforts during the plague, though possibly it's a matter of Jamie pushing Charlie.

My reading is that Sam has now reached that delightful point on the ladder where he is almost indispensable and those above him know it. They also know that it's in their own interest to look after him - a kind word here, an extra (paying) job there....

About Monday 15 January 1665/66

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"in my old cloth suit, while my usuall one is to my taylor’s to mend, which I had at noon again."

And we think Amazon Prime is speedy!

About Wednesday 20 December 1665

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I suspect that Sam had at least two sets of account books each for the Navy, Tangier, prize goods and for anything else that might fall into his lap. Relying on memory alone after 3 or 4 months is asking for trouble.