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About Sunday 15 October 1665

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"nobody minding the publique, but every body himself and his lusts. "

"ah yes, well, one has to seek some relief from the pressures of state, of course..... and if one has dependants to provide for....."

"Oh I didn't mean you Pepys!"

About Thursday 5 October 1665

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Slightly off topic but I learned from a recent TV programme that the genius woodcarver Grinling Gibbons was discovered by Evelyn who was passing GG's lowly cottage near the docks and spotted some carved items in the window. Evelyn effectively sponsored him by introducing him to the great and good.

About Tuesday 12 September 1665

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I agree with Nix. Also, Sam's attitude to his poor relations is not too different to many modern day Republicans - it must somehow be their own fault that God has made them that way.

About Wednesday 30 August 1665

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Two obvious reasons may be suggested for looting being kept to a minimum:
Only the brave or stupid would break into a house where the occupants had died of the plague.
The wealthier folk had mostly left town, taking their valuables with them.

About Thursday 24 August 1665

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For an appalling example of moving government, the European parliament moves every six months between Brussels and Strasbourg for no good reason beyond national pride. Give a bunch of bureaucrats an almost unlimited budget and they'll find a way of spending it.
At least Sam seems conscious of not wasting public money, even if some does get diverted into his pocket.

About Thursday 17 August 1665

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I wonder if Charles II knew that he paid for it? This sounds like the boys 'borrowing' the boss's yacht for an outing, knowing that the boss is a long way away.

About Saturday 12 August 1665

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"Do we get a distorted view of the morality of the age from readings of the Diary?"

I would suggest that we tend to get a distorted view of our own age as well, based on our first-world experience. I believe there are societies today where it is considered hospitable to offer one's wife to a visitor.

And, come to think of it, the English joke about laying down one's wife for one's king still has a strong element of truth about it.

About Monday 31 July 1665

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. But, however, that trouble was soon over; hearing it was well done: they being both in their old cloaths

Why in their old cloaths? Was the Sandwich party bringing silks and gold buttons for the bride and the groom?

About Saturday 15 July 1665

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So that answers the question, young Philip and Jemima had not met before being betrothed.
I suspect that many of us would be slightly awkwerd at first: "This is your new partner for life." "Oh, really?"