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About Tuesday 13 February 1665/66

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Can't argue with casual misogyny, then or now, but I think there is an element of familiar affection as well. Much like we males saying " I saw old Charlie today."

About Monday 29 January 1665/66

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Jamie and Charlie showing a deal of consideration these last two days...They really do seem to have appreciated Sam's efforts during the plague, though possibly it's a matter of Jamie pushing Charlie.

My reading is that Sam has now reached that delightful point on the ladder where he is almost indispensable and those above him know it. They also know that it's in their own interest to look after him - a kind word here, an extra (paying) job there....

About Monday 15 January 1665/66

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"in my old cloth suit, while my usuall one is to my taylor’s to mend, which I had at noon again."

And we think Amazon Prime is speedy!

About Wednesday 20 December 1665

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I suspect that Sam had at least two sets of account books each for the Navy, Tangier, prize goods and for anything else that might fall into his lap. Relying on memory alone after 3 or 4 months is asking for trouble.

About Friday 8 December 1665

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the taciturn Christopher Knepp was by trade a horse-dealer. Or, in modern terms, a second-hand car salesman.
"Dragged out on a cold night all the way to Greenwich, to meet some of her wealthy friends who might be in the market for a horse or two - and all they did was sing - until two in the flaming morning - and then she accuses me of being bad company. Me! "

About Tuesday 28 November 1665

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Wouldn't Sam have loved Blackberries.
A fine example of the speed of change! Ten years later and I can't recall what a Blackberry was.

About Monday 27 November 1665

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A long day full of eating, drinking, lusting,singing and business. Whatever happened to little Christopher while all this was going on? Did he just lie down in the corner of each room?

About Friday 17 November 1665

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"because it is base enough for a single voice,"

I think in this context 'base' means accompaniment or support for the singer.

About Saturday 4 November 1665

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At noon with him to dinner at Boreman’s, where Mr. Seymour with us, who is a most conceited fellow and not over much in him

Plus ca change, etc. The present Speaker of the House of Commons also fits that description.