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About Wednesday 1 August 1666

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It's so tempting to look back 350 years and feel morally superior, isn't it?

By coincidence, Saudi Arabia have just announced that they will in future allow women to travel abroad without being accompanied by a male - described as a liberalising decision!

About Tuesday 31 July 1666

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How much of this is true, time will shew.

"Fake Newes!"
A sudden image of Sam with a Twitter account.

About Monday 2 July 1666

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Not long ago, Mrs Bagwell was whitewashing the house against the plague. Any faint sign of infection on her face wold cause Sam to make a quick about-turn.

About Tuesday 26 June 1666

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The newly-built Loyal London did not reach the fleet at the Nore until 13 July, and then without guns.

Yet another "plus ca change" example. The UK today has a new, enormously expensive, aircraft carrier but we can't afford the planes for it. And this was planned - not the result of an accident!

About Sunday 24 June 1666

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"I was as sparing in speaking as I could, being jealous of him and myself also, but wished it could be stopped; but said I doubted it could not otherwise than by the fleete’s being abroad again, and so finding other worke for men’s minds and discourse."
Can anyone explain the meaning of 'jealous' in this context? It only seems to make sense to me if you substitute 'cautious' or 'nervous'.
The whole episode sounds as though Coventry is rehearsing his defence arguments and using Sam as a sounding board.

About Monday 11 June 1666

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Albemarle got back to London first and took advantage of it. The mark of a politician.

About Monday 4 June 1666

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Louise, I think it more likely that poor Mr Daniels and his companion had lost, or at least badly damaged, an eye. Oakum was generally used for stuffing holes or gaps and would be the obvious, if unhygenic, way to stop the bleeding. I doubt that they would have been sent ashore for less.

About Monday 14 May 1666

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At Bow we eat and drank and so back again, it being very cool in the evening.
Can't help wondering, would the hackney driver be sent to the public bar with a shilling for his supper and be told to wait? Or were hackneys readily available at inns when you were ready to go home?

About Wednesday 9 May 1666

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" I come, and what was it but to scold at me and she would go abroad to take the ayre presently, that she would. "

A slight touch of the Oirish, so it is....

About Tuesday 8 May 1666

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Possibly John Downing was experienced in making anchors for fishing smacks and other small boats but realised he was out of his depth (sorry!) when it came to securing a warship. I respect Sam's decision to repay the bribe - it shows a moral sensibility in a wicked world and is also good politics. Word would have got around that Mr Pepys is 'open for business' but he does play it straight.