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About Tuesday 1 January 1666/67

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Goose fat.
Growing up in the country in WWII I was told of poorer children being covered in goose fat and sewn into their underclothes in the late autumn (fall) and not released until the spring. This was supposed to be protection from the cold and damp.
I don't suppose it did much for their social life.

About Monday 31 December 1666

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Maths has never been my strong point but if Sam's 'gettings' are down and his 'spendings' up over the year, how does he end up £1800 better off?
Is this the first recorded instance of creative accounting?

Happy new year and may we all prosper like Mr Pepys.

About Friday 21 December 1666

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What was that Robert Altman film set in the thirties where a mother tries to pimp her daughter to a film director? And what about Harvey Weinstein over the last twenty years? Men with power were /are ever thus and women who needed favours had to make their own decisions about how much they were prepared to pay.

About Saturday 27 October 1666

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asked the King to banish Catholic priests and Jesuits, to put the recusancy laws into force by proclamation, to disarm all Pepists

Hey, we're the Pepists Terry! Don't disarm us.

About Thursday 25 October 1666

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Can't think of any other reasons for such a regular major disruption. Anyone else know why if not the above?
Sarah, maybe because they just felt like a change? After all, the European Parliament (750 MEP's plus staff) move from Brussels to Strasbourg every month for just four days at an estimated cost of £150 million per year! Just one of the reasons the UK is trying (and so far failing) to leave the EU.

As always, people who spend other peoples' money..............

About Sunday 14 October 1666

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"So dined, and after dinner (a good discourse thereat to my brother)"
Note "to" my brother, not "with". Poor John has to pay for his dinner.

About Friday 5 October 1666

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"A great want thereof there will be of books, specially Latin books and foreign books; and, among others, the Polyglottes and new Bible, which he believes will be presently worth 40l. a-piece."

How long before Sam and the others think of sending a ship somewhere to import paper? There's always a profit for someone where there's a shortage.

About Thursday 27 September 1666

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If they're going to move Sam's ready cash to a safer place, might they draw less attention if one of them is a man of the cloth...?
Sorry, off topic, but reminds me of Rory Sutherland's comment about buying a car from a vicar:
You don't have to believe in God, you just have to believe that he does.

About Sunday 26 August 1666

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The business between my Lord Hinchingbroke and Mrs. Mallett is quite broke off

I know one should not judge by appearances, but Hinchingbroke does look like a spoilt, rather dim, young man - in fact boring. Elizabeth Malet obviously decided she needed a rather more exciting husband and, presumably, learned that you should be careful what you wish for.....