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I’m a born and bred Londoner who came upon this by chance. I was re-reading a paperback version and had read a couple of years when, looking something up, I found this fabulous online version. It’s taken me 7/8 Months but I may go back and re-read the years I missed. The annotations have really enhanced the read and I’m sorry that I didn’t catch it the first time round and have the chance to meet up with some of you. However, I retired in June 2012 and now have time on my hands to really enjoy the read - aided by the enforced lockdown as a result of COVID-19. Once life returns to normal I hope to do my own Pepys’ tour. Thank you one and all.

About What happens to this website after the diary ends

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I was so glad that you put the whole diary online. I found it while trying to reread an abridged paperback I had bought many years ago. Reading it this way and being able to look up the links that interest me, following the annotations - sometimes all of them, sometimes not - has been great while here in London, as in so many places, we are in lockdown situations. Also, means we readers can take it at our own pace. I think it’s taken me 7/8 months. Thanks so much to Phil and regular contributors.

About Wednesday 3 February 1668/69

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Agree, that dictation is for work only. The diary is much too personal. I wondered if anyone knows how he wrote Deb’s name in the diary. Not sure if there has been discussion about this before but also wondered where he kept the diaries and whether Bess could have tried to read/look at them.

About Friday 20 November 1668

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Interesting to read all the comments and different points of view. It’s difficult to draw conclusions about what was acceptable in the 1660s when, in some ways, society has changed so dramatically and we are reading the diary in such different times. (Unfortunately domestic abuse is still predominantly male on female as is sexual abuse.) I do note though that Samuel has on many occasions been fearful of being seen when meeting up with his various lady friends and he seems to want to contain what has happened to within his household, presumably because of how it might affect his standing in the circles he operates in. So his behaviour not completely acceptable for his times ?

About Friday 13 November 1668

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"Thence I home, and there to talk, with great pleasure all the evening, with my wife, who tells me that Deb. has been abroad to-day, and is come home and says she has got a place to go to, so as she will be gone tomorrow morning. This troubled me, and the truth is, I have a good mind to have the maidenhead of this girl, which I should not doubt to have if je could get time para be con her." Wow again, Samuel! I know there have been comments about the difficulty in comparing 17th century behaviour with the 21st but that is some statement and quite hard to take from our 'hero'.

About Thursday 12 November 1668

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“and I am apt to believe by what my wife hath of late told me is a cunning girle, if not a slut”. Wow, Samuel! It maybe in your best interests to let your wife think you agree but, knowing you as we do, that’s some statement. You were certainly the perpetrator. It sounds like excuses heard nowadays - she led me on or it was because of the way she dresssed!

About Saturday 15 August 1668

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The Theatre Royal is now owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I watched a documentary about about him recently where he talked about plans to refurbish the building. Sadly all on hold at time of writing because of Covid-19. Great to think that this building from Pepys’ time is still in use.

About Sunday 2 August 1668

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Another lurker here! I read the L&M Shorter Pepys in paperback many years ago and decided that the current lockdowns provided a good opportunity to read it again. While looking online for a query I had, I found this excellent website and was hooked. I’ve been reading since September last year, mainly at night - so much easier on an iPad (rather than a bulky book) - and really enjoy the links and annotations. Thank you to Phil for enabling us to read this gem and all of you who have provided explanations. It’s sad to think that I will soon be at the end but have Claire Tomalin’s book ready and waiting. I will miss Samuel.