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kt 1660, bt 1665 (c. 1615-80). Merchant and financier. He lived in London Wall in a large house (taxed on 22 hearths) next door to James Houblon, sen. He had provided money for the King when he was in exile and was a confidant of Clarendon, to whom he acted (with Sir. G. Carteret) as business adviser. Among the many offices he held were those of Commissioner of the Customs 1660-2, farmer of the customs 1662-71, collector of customs in London from 1669, and Treasurer of the Dunkirk garrison 1660-2. He served on the Council for Trade 1660-8 and that for Foreign Plantations 1661-70; amd was M.P. for Lyme Regis 1661-Jan. 79.

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Sir John Shaw, a Farmer of the Customs, was created Baronet, in 1665, for his services in lending the King large sums of money during his exile. Ob. 1679-80.
---Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, the diary deciphered by J. Smith. 1854.

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Sir John Shaw, once a vintners boy, got of the crown, out of the customs, and by other wayes, 60000l.
---A Seasonable Argument ... for a New Parliament. Andrew Marvell, [1677] 1776.

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Sir John Shaw: among his many offices he held a surveyorship of the royal forests.

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