Monday 13 July 1668

Up, and to my office, and thence by water to White Hall to attend the Council, but did not, and so home to dinner, and so out with my wife, and Deb., and W. Hewer towards Cooper’s, but I ‘light and walked to Ducke Lane, and there to the bookseller’s; at the Bible, whose moher je have a mind to, but elle no erat dentro, but I did there look upon and buy some books, and made way for coming again to the man, which pleases me. Thence to Reeves’s, and there saw some, and bespoke a little perspective, and was mightily pleased with seeing objects in a dark room. And so to Cooper’s, and spent the afternoon with them; and it will be an excellent picture. Thence my people all by water to Deptford, to see Balty, while I to buy my espinette, which I did now agree for, and did at Haward’s meet with Mr. Thacker, and heard him play on the harpsicon, so as I never heard man before, I think. So home, it being almost night, and there find in the garden Pelling, who hath brought Tempest, Wallington, and Pelham, to sings and there had most excellent musick late, in the dark, with great pleasure. Made them drink and eat; and so with much pleasure to bed, but above all with little Wallington. This morning I was let blood, and did bleed about fourteen ounces, towards curing my eyes.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

"This morning I was let blood, and did bleed about fourteen ounces, towards curing my eyes."

Another form of purgation prescribed by Dr Turberville, the eye-doctor. following on the laxative pillls taken on 5 and 11 July, on the humoural theory of medicine

Tony Eldridge  •  Link

Fourteen ounces? In the classic words of the late Tony Hancock, "That's nearly an armful!"

GrahamT  •  Link

Tony, the very same thought came into my head, but you beat me to it.

Australian Susan  •  Link

A bookseller's which has a pretty woman working there - combining two of Sam's great pleasures! He'll be back.

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