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In the Beginning of the present 17th Century, Metius, a Spectacle-maker in Holland, light upon a Composition of a Convex, with a concave Glass set at due Distance in a Tube, which made a perspective Glass to see Objects at a Distance. And Galileo, in Italy, whether excited by a Hint thence received, or from Baptista Porta, or by his own good Genius, is uncertain, did the same thing at Florence.
---Philosophical Experiments and Observations of the Late Dr. Robert Hooke. W. Derham, 1726.

When I had thus prepar'd my self, I took my Perspective Glass, and went up to the Side of the Hill, to see what I could discover; and I found quickly, by my Glass, that there were one and twenty Savages, three prisoners, and three Canoes.
---The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Daniel Defoe, 1719.

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