Monday 20 May 1661

At home all the morning; paid 50l. to one Mr. Grant for Mr. Barlow, for the last half year, and was visited by Mr. Anderson, my former chamber fellow at Cambridge, with whom I parted at the Hague, but I did not go forth with him, only gave him a morning draft at home.

At noon Mr. Creed came to me, and he and I to the Exchange, and so to an ordinary to dinner, and after dinner to the Mitre, and there sat drinking while it rained very much. Then to the office, where I found Sir Williams both, choosing of masters for the new fleet of ships that is ordered to be set forth, and Pen seeming to be in an ugly humour, not willing to gratify one that I mentioned to be put in, did vex me.

We sat late, and so home. Mr. Moore came to me when I was going to bed, and sat with me a good while talking about my Lord’s business and our own and so good night.

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First Reading

dirk  •  Link

"but I did not go forthwith him"

More logically would be "forth with". This was probably what Sam wrote. Shorthand transcription error?

Australian Susan  •  Link

"seeming to be in an ugly humour"
Did Sir William think Sam should have been in the office helping out with the choosing instead of drinking with Creed? Maybe that's why he didn't seem inclined to take up Sam's suggestion and was in a bad mood.

Glyn  •  Link

Captain Ferrers must have known that today was the day for the selection of the captains - I wonder if he was promoted or not.

A. De Araujo  •  Link

"seeming to be in an ugly humour" Sir William seems to be in an ugly humour quite often; remember when he threw that guy from the horse sometime ago?

vicente  •  Link

Wm. Pen Ill humour: Sam was not yet in the position of puting in his 2 [tuppence] pennyworth yet. Sam is expecting a lot, when these old salts pick their sailing team. Was it not Batten battening down the Louts.

JWB  •  Link

Vexed Pepys, vexed reader...
"Mr. Moore came to me when I was going to bed, and sat with me a good while talking about my Lord's business and our own …” “Our own” business, now that’s vexing not to know what sort of business that would be. I’m assuming they’re scheming for private gain with the fleet assembling, crews & supplies taken on, foreign parts cruised, etc.-the opportunities must have seemed endless to the late night duo, double vexing.

helena murphy  •  Link

Had Sam had the benefit of having read Robert Louis Stevenson or Joseph Conrad he would be more in tune to Sir William's brusque nuances of behaviour.

Second Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

" paid 50l. to one Mr. Grant for Mr. Barlow"

L&M note John Graunt, the pioneer social statistician (see Phil's link), had received power of attorney from William Petty, Barlow's agent.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"But I did not go forth with him; only gave him a morning draught at home."

This is how L&M transcribe the shorthand.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

One Friday soon there will probably be a commemoration service held at noon at St. Olave’s church.

Since 1927 (allowing for some years’ interruption for bomb damage and pandemics) St. Olave’s has held an annual service to commemorate its most illustrious former parishioner, Samuel Pepys.
The service is organized in association with The Samuel Pepys Club. The service traditionally features an address on aspects of “Pepys, his life and times” and the church has welcomed many distinguished speakers over the years. The service is open to everyone.

You never know -- some other annotators might be there!……

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