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from Edward Browne (1677): An Account of Several Travels through a Great Part of Germany,

"The Hague, Haga Comitis, the ancient place of Residence of the Counts of Holland, and now of the States general; is about an hours-going distant from Deflt; in which passage, at some distance, we had a sight of two of the Prince of Orange's houses. This place is well built; the Prince's Court handsome; The Piazza by it full of green trees; many fair Houses. The Course where the Coaches meet, the Pall-mall, the Wood, the Park, do much beautifie it, and the way from hence to Scheveling, from whence his Majesty returned into England, is very remarkable, it being a streight way cut through the Sand-hills, and paved with Brick for three miles, having on each hand four or five rows of Trees, and Scheveling Steeple at the end of it.

The Hague and Madrid in Spain are accounted the greatest Villages, or open unwalled placed, in Europe, and the Hollanders have thought it more honour to be Masters of the greatest Village, than of a place which, if it were walled, would come short of many Cities; but this may prove a dangerous resolution, for formerly upon this advantage, Martin van Rossem, Captain to the Duke of Gueldres, sacked the Hague;2 and it was lately in the like danger when the French Forces lay at Utrecht and Worden, if they had forced a passage "

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"Edward Browne (1677" steve h thanks

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