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About Friday 28 October 1664

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"mighty neat"
Certainly Pepys is not using "neat" in the sense of the "1970's affectation" meaning "cool." More likely he means the suit is orderly, well-made, elegant. He uses the word in this sense elsewhere in the diary, not only in relation to clothing but he also mentions a neat sermon, a neat dinner, a "neat coach, etc.

About Wednesday 19 October 1664

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"2,560% increase over 333 years ~ 7.7%/year or about the same as stocks have appreciated in the US over the past century."

Not really... if you take compound interest into account, a rate of slightly under 1% per year would yield an increase of 2,560% over 333 years. Stocks beat silver by a factor of at least 7.

About Friday 9 January 1662/63

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[In 2006 I was "Martin" commenting above. I can't get back in under that name since the email I was using at the time is defunct, so I made a new account]

Regarding the question of whether Pepys was writing for posterity, I'm Just circling back after all these years to say add this link:… relevant to the question of whether Pepys was writing for posterity. The speaker mentioned, Dr. Kate Loveman, appears to agree with the view of Todd Bernhardt expressed above.