Tuesday 16 July 1661

[Once again, Sam had a few days away from his diary. He returns on 19th July.]

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Pedro.  •  Link

Come back on 19th July.

And don't play too much poker!

Glyn  •  Link

Two Things to Do

Well, if anyone wants to take a virtual, self-guided Walk around the City of London based on Samuel Pepys and from the comfort of their own home, to take their mind off things and stop them playing poker, I

Bradford  •  Link

Why Sam, you old slugabed, you!

Josh  •  Link

Yeah, Pepysians are ripe suckers for online poker: what savvy marketing! For pity's sake, all poor Phil's been spared are fake prescription meds and pirated Chinese software.

daniel  •  Link

ahime! will I be able to survive yet another rebuff!

vicente  •  Link

While Sam whiles away his time hunting for lost parchmentes, Master E. playing silly Bs with vipers, & Slow-worme or Aspic to bite the mouse. Then there is Mr B. of " if ye squeeze it the pressure goes up" or sumert like that, brought his 3" polished marbles do to his trick of olive oyl and lifting weights {42 lbs avoir du pois}.
Then Sam misses on the 17 th., the trick of sticking a man[the Curator non the less] in a Bell {Diving Engine } in the wet dock at Deptford and left 'im there to contemplate his navel for a half hour before draging 'imself up to grin at the on lookers.It was [made] of Cast Lead {now a banned substance] let down with a strong Cable. Lifted from J. Evelyns Kalendarium.

vicente  •  Link

Items missed by the ever curious Sam: The House Of Lords:
12 th. of July: Bill for regulating navy read
The Anabaptists and Christians offered the House a way out of being on the wrong side of the Law.
E Of Cleveland Bill, for selling of lands to satisfy Debts.
Then poor bill for London.
Worcester now InCorporated
Then there is the suit brought by Lord Howard on behalf of Lord Boteler an Ideot on the 13th July,
This amongst other land adjustments.
Then he missed the Report concerning Penal Laws against Priests[ Romain Catholic] repealing sections of Q. Eliz stat's.
Then there is a very Important Bill For Regulating the Navy that S. Pepis missed while chasing the deeds to some copy holdings.

Then there is making a few bob from a lead casket of an Archbishopp of Cantab; sold for Prophit?
Pory versus Hardy, for taking up the Body of Parker, Archbishop of Cant. and selling his Leaden Coffin.
Upon reading the Petition of Robert Pory, Chaplain in Ordinary to the Archbishop of Canterbury; complaining, "That one Mathew Hardy hath taken up the Body of Mathew Parker, sometime Archbishop of Canterbury, out of the Place where he was buried, and hath sold the Lead, and will not discover where the Bones of that Reverend Person are thrown:"

From: British History Online
Source: House of Lords Journal Volume 11: 15 July 1661. House of Lords Journal Volume 11, ().
URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/…
Date: 17/07/2004

David Ross McIrvine  •  Link

"Once again, Sam had a few days away from his diary. Come back on 19th July, 11pm UK time! PG"

Aha, his footman is "denying us" during the all-star break!

Pedro.  •  Link

Around Brampton.

After looking at Glyn

vicente  •  Link

Thank ee great tour.

Sjoerd  •  Link

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PHE  •  Link

Stage Beauty
Sorry this is off-topic for current entry, but I thought the best place to mention it (and haven't seen any mention of it elsewhere). At the cinema yesterday, I saw a trailer for a new film 'Stage Beauty' to be released in the autumn. Set in 1660's London, it focuses on the change when women were newly allowed to perform on stage. Charles II (Rupert Everett) seems to have a large role, and even Sam Pepys is included (Hugh Bonneville). Looks like a highly flamboyant costume comedy - which may irritate purists - but probably entertaining. http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hp…

Bullus Hutton  •  Link

Stage Beauty
Not off-topic at all PHE! An elegant-looking movie, set in Sam's time, dealing with the topic of female actors often discussed here, even featuring a dramatic representation of our hero, I can't wait to see it.
Pity it's not on now, to fill this brief haitus till Sam resumes!

Second Reading

Louise Hudson  •  Link

I'm amazed at how many comments are generated by no entry!

Annie B  •  Link

Hooray! I'm 12 years too late, but had never heard of Stage Beauty, and quite appreciate the suggestion. Loved seeing our Sam in action and fun being able to picture the time in a different way. Thanks PHE and Bullus Hutton!

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