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Warren Keith Wright  •  Link

Among Montagu’s numerous relatives were a family of Northamptonshire landowners named Pickering. Sir Gilbert (1613-38), faithful to Cromwell, married Elizabeth Sandwich; one of their dozen offspring, Betty, was the wife of Pepys’s significant rival John Creed.
Gilbert’s younger brother Edward (Ned; 1618-98) first worked for the 2nd Lord Mountagu of Boughton, then served a short while in the Queen’s Household. From that vantage he distributed a good deal of court gossip (about Sandwich’s extramarital affairs and other didoes) before he was shamed and fired. Dorothy Weld (“Doll. Wilde” in the Diary), first his mistress, then his wife (d. 1707), must have held some affection for him; but dislike of him spread far beyond Pepys, and he was regarded as a greedy holier-than-thou type.

Paul Brewster  •  Link

Sir Gilbert's actual dates were 1613-1668 (not 1638 as above)

Pedro  •  Link

Pickering, Edward.

From L&M--

"Sir Gilbert's younger brother Edward (Ned) was attached to the service of the 2nd Lord Montagu of Boughton and like him obtained a place in the Queen's Household, from which he was soon dismissed in disgrace. He appears to have been disliked by almost everyone, not only Pepys. Roger North wrote him down as a sanctimonious 'money-hunter' and has a story of his altering a will to his own benefit."

Bill  •  Link

Edward and his brother Gilbert were cousins to the poet and playwright John Dryden. Their mother was the sister of Dryden's father.

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