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Nephew to Edward (Ned) Pickering (q.v.), and eldest son of Ned's brother Sir Gilbert Pickering, of the family of Northamptonshire landowners related to Mountagu.
Until the Restoration, John worked in the Exchequer; he died in 1703. Little seems known about him save that, like his uncle, he could sometimes cause Pepys embarrassment (see 26 April 1660).

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What a sad form of immortality -- you are known three centuries after your death, but only because your cousin thought you acted "like an ass"! (See entry of May 16, 1660).

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"Will: S" I beleive did say "The good is oft interred in their bones but evil doth live on..?"

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Link to his uncle, Edward "Ned" Pickering. http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/612/

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Sir John Pickering, Bart, eldest son and heir of Sir Gilbert, was born 1640, and married Frances, daughter of Sir Thomas Alston, of Odell, in Bedfordshire, Bart, ..., and by her had issue, 1. Sir Gilbert, his eldest son and successor, who was born 1670, and was eleven years of age at the visitation, 1681; and 2. John, who died an infant.
---The Baronetage of England. T. Wotton, 1771

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For a family tree of John Pickering: http://www.werelate.org/wiki/Person:John_Picker...

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John Pickering's mother Lady Elizabeth http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/915/ and Edward Montague, Earl of Sandwich ("My Lord") were sister and brother.

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