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Timber be, according to L&M Large Glossary : Wood for the frame of a ship( as distinct from planks , cabins, gun platforms, etc.)

Planks: sawn wood 2 - 8 inches thick but at least 11 inches in width(cf. Deals), used for the outer skin and decks , mostly of Baltic or English oak, sometimes elm, beech or fir.
wood be also for Planks for cooperage for pipe cask [Pipestaves]

ME for structure wooden;
standing trees ;lumber
timber : (shipbuilding) a wooden rib.
Another term: lands (shipbuilding) framing members running fore and aft and scarf into ribs.

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modern Timber be: Timber -General term applied to forests and their products.
-Sawed lumber more than 4 by 4 inches in breadth and thickness (24).
Glossary of Terms Used in Timber Harvesting and Forest Engineering

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from the Glossary
plank(e): vi. 185 sawn wood 2-8 inches thick but at least n inches in width (cf. Deals), used for outer skin and decks of ships, mostly Baltic or English oak, sometimes elm, beech or fir

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