Friday 28 September 1666

Lay long in bed, and am come to agreement with my wife to have Mercer again, on condition she may learn this winter two months to dance, and she promises me she will endeavour to learn to sing, and all this I am willing enough to. So up, and by and by the glazier comes to finish the windows of my house, which pleases me, and the bookbinder to gild the backs of my books. I got the glass of my book-presses to be done presently, which did mightily content me, and to setting my study in a little better order; and so to my office to my people, busy about our Parliament accounts; and so to dinner, and then at them again close. At night comes Sir W. Pen, and he and I a turn in the garden, and he broke to me a proposition of his and my joining in a design of fetching timber and deals from Scotland, by the help of Mr. Pett upon the place; which, while London is building, will yield good money. I approve it. We judged a third man, that is knowing, is necessary, and concluded on Sir W. Warren, and sent for him to come to us to-morrow morning. I full of this all night, and the project of our man of war; but he and I both dissatisfied with Sir W. Batten’s proposing his son to be Lieutenant, which we, neither of us, like. He gone, I discoursed with W. Hewer about Mercer, having a great mind she should come to us again, and instructed him what to say to her mother about it. And so home, to supper, and to bed.

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CGS  •  Link

"...Lay long in bed, and am come to agreement with my wife to have Mercer again,..."

"and am come" and I uh uh come to an agreement in the Biblical sense?
Was this a penmanship error of the freudian type or
was his mind be thinking in a clancular manner?

Willy  •  Link

I suspect that "deals" in "fetching timber and deals from Scotland" refers to fir or pine boards.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Two months dancing lessons plus one would assume either a separate course of singing lessons or Sam's providing training himself...Well negotiated, Bess.


"Still can't quite understand now it's all said and done why you willing to take Mercer back?"

"I got dancing lessons out of it...Besides, you promised to teach me singing again. That's all I ever worried about with Mary...You liking her singing so much, since music meant so much to you."

"Yes...Of course..."

"I mean, heck...I'd no real concern on the breasts front. Mine were really much finer."

Ruben  •  Link

"deals" is sending me to the map of Deal, a place related to the first year of the diary.

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Whoops yes, sorry about that - it's corrected now.

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