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About Sayes Court, Deptford

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The legacy of John Evelyn, showing the influence of his "Sylva" on today's landscape.

About Wednesday 6 March 1660/61

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Samuel's birthday, February 23rd., falls on a Monday in 2015. Either the Saturday or the Sunday might provide an easier date to keep, perhaps.

About Tuesday 29 January 1660/61

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Many thanks to MarkS for a delightful demonstration of the workings of the catch.

About Wednesday 16 January 1660/61

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"the only means of sanitation"

Not so, despite the frequency with which this canard appears. Recall that Pepys's own accommodation had its house of office, as did his neighbours. The inhabitants of other substantial dwellings would have had similar facilities. There were also public conveniences ( usually close to the Thames) at points in the city of London. Defenestration may have been common, but it was not the only means of sanitation in the city.

About Friday 17 May 1661

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80d. when divided by 12 (to find shillings) gives 6s. with 8 pence left over. i.e. 6s.8d. or 6/8d whichever way you prefer to write it.

When I was at primary school (in pre-decimalisation days) one was expected to learn and know that one-third of a pound was 6/8d, two-thirds of a pound was 13/4d. just as one knew that one-eighth of a pound was 2/6d. Simples!

About Saturday 29 December 1660

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"a good piece of roast beef at the fire"

It sounds as if this is being spit- or Jack-roasted in front of the fire, rather than being cooked in Elizabeth's earlier mentioned oven.

About Thursday 6 December 1660

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Separate residences????

Why this conclusion? And why does it apply to this entry? On December 5th both parents were apparently living at the same address, but they are not mentioned at all on December 6th.

About Thursday 22 November 1660

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See also the description given in the encyclopaedia section under "fashion."

About Monday 12 November 1660

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Sister Pall.

Why spoil the suspense? January 1661 will come soon enough and then we'll see how household arrangements work out. The development of the Pepys menage's domestic arrangements is just as interesting as that of their social and/or professional ones, so let's not get ahead or ourselves.

About Monday 22 October 1660

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Sandwich tells of a meeting, but does not indicate that he was present at it - simply that it took place. Nor does he state that he afterwards spoke with anyone who had been present. The meeting broke up early. Sandwich's ignorance of the proceedings thus seems unsurprising.