Monday 7 November 1664

Up and with Sir W. Batten to White Hall, where mighty thrusting about the Duke now upon his going. We were with him long. He advised us to follow our business close, and to be directed in his absence by the Committee of the Councell for the Navy. By and by a meeting of the Fishery, where the Duke was, but in such haste, and things looked so superficially over, that I had not a fit opportunity to propose my paper that I wrote yesterday, but I had chewed it to Mr. Gray and Wren before, who did like it most highly, as they said, and I think they would not dissemble in that manner in a business of this nature, but I see the greatest businesses are done so superficially that I wonder anything succeeds at all among us, that is publique. Thence somewhat vexed to see myself frustrated in the good I hoped to have done and a little reputation to have gained, and thence to my barber’s, but Jane not being in the way I to my Lady Sandwich’s, and there met my wife and dined, but I find that I dine as well myself, that is, as neatly, and my meat as good and well-dressed, as my good Lady do, in the absence of my Lord. Thence by water I to my barber’s again, and did meet in the street my Jane, but could not talk with her, but only a word or two, and so by coach called my wife, and home, where at my office late, and then, it being washing day, to supper and to bed.

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Australian Susan  •  Link

"..I had not a fit opportunity to propose my paper that I wrote yesterday,..."

Poor Sam! Reminds me of Alice's Restaurant and the 24 8 by 10 colour glossy photographs with the circles and the arrows on the back of each one done by Officer OB and then he discovers the judge is blind (and bursts into tears).

Sam then behaves rather grubbily going from seeking Jane (and a quick fondle?) to genteel dinner with wife at the Sandwiches (and time to feel smug about superiority of domestic arrangements chez Pepys) and then back chasing Jane again like a randy puppy dog. For shame, Sam!
Sam has learnt that the important part of committee meetings are done around the edges of such committees and he has "chewed the fat" of his worked-on paper with people in the committee prior to the actual meeting. But it is the public seeing the work done which appeals to Sam and the gaining of a "little reputation" even if he mainly wants to do good for the sake of the King and the public purse. And I think we believe him here. Vexation and frustration for Sam today. And it's washing day (note both Sam and Bess are staying away from home: Bess presumably no longer has to even supervise the wash, let alone help out).

jeannine  •  Link

"I find that I dine as well myself, that is, as neatly, and my meat as good and well-dressed, as my good Lady do, in the absence of my Lord."

God love Lady Sandwich. Lord Sandwich was horrible with money and spent far more than he had, but, being the Lord, when he was home meals were served at a level that fit his status. When he was away Lady S. would scrimp and save in order to try to "balance the scale" (which never quite happened). Although all indications in their letters were that the couple was truly devoted to each other, his spending habits and expectations must have been hard for her to live with as the uncertainties of life at that time (and even today) would have made saving a safer way of life. He was also very generous to her and in his journals is a drawing that he made of a jewel he designed for her, so he was not a tight wad or self centered in his spending.

jeannine  •  Link

And now to todays voting reminder! (Just rejoice, in a day or so the voting will be over and so will these tacky reminders!).

In today's episode, we hear of a secret meeting on a deserted island where the Dutch are taking a break as they prepare for war. We now flash to see the intricate details of the ship signals to be used by Obdam and de Ruyter in the event of war.....

jeannine  •  Link


Susan, Glad you can find time out for Sam amidst the wedding plans! Always great to read your annotations!

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Quick, Jane, out the back...It's the randy little bastard coming this way!"

"Right you are, Mr. G. Thank ye."

"Ah, Gervais."

"Good day, Mr. Pepys, sir. Your usual, sir?"

Ummn...Careful look round. Gervais maintaining his deferrential beam.

"Jane out again?"

"Just missed her, sir. Girl's out and about these days, busy times, sir."

"Yes...You know I remember now I have a dinner engagement. Perhaps I'll try later."

"Indeed, sir. Any particular time, sir? So I can let Jane know as regards her favorite customer, sir."

"Oh, a couple of hours. You think Jane will be back?"

"Possibly, sir. One never knows with the press of business, sir. But there's always myself or Ramonda, sir."

"Ah. Yes." Hmmn...Brief eyeing of the rather terrifyingly large and somewhat warty Ramonda.

"See you later, sir." Friendly wave. Sam muttering to self a bit.

"Quick, Monda...Go and tell Jane...At least two hours."


Of course maybe he just wants her advice on the Fishery.

"Missed my chance, Jane, drat the luck. But would you be a lamb and look over my paper one more time?"

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Heaven, this morning...


"What..." A somewhat morose-looking Sam...

Damn 21st century flash-in-the-pan writer types...

"Look here on my computer. The gap's narrowed to about 150 votes!" an excited Bess.

Hmmn?...Slight brightening...

"You sure about that? I still don't understand how these silly things work." Suscipious eyeing of screen...

"Trust me, we're closing. Just a little more and your Diary site wins."

"150? Damn, if only we'd hit the plague time...Not to mention the drama with..." Ummn, catches Bess' narrowing, cool stare.

"...the beginnings of my redemption thanks to your incredibly generous and loving nature." hastily.

"You got that right, sir. Tis pity we're not doing the London fire or something. All we need is a little push, some oomph to get them in. Is there anything good coming up now that I don't recall?"

"Well..." Sam, a bit too eager... "We're just about to really begin l'affair Bagw..."

Really narrow stare...

"The story of a man's descent into the sink of temptation and corruption before his loving mate saves him...?"

"A very stupid, selfish man..." "Oh, indeed, but ultimately redeemed...?" "We'll see."

Still, she must admit...Though never to him...A rather gripping tale...

"If only we could somehow let a few new pages be found..." Sam sighs. "Something dramatic..."

"Say, where I kick your guts in? Or where for once my voice could be heard, properly..."

"Bess. Wait. You said I did a pretty good job on you..."

"...'for a fanatically self-centered egotist', I also said."

"Or maybe another picture of you...Damn that Scottish nurse. Yeah, a little more cleveage and in full color. That would win my vote."

Well...shrug at her stare. "It sells. Heck, they're fools not to put your engraving on the Diary cover."

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Sam'l. I've got it! Why don't we drop a few posts in places suggesting you poisoned me during our trip to Europe in '69?"


"Just suggestions. Hints. It'll start a firestorm, I'm sure."

"But no one would think me capable..."

"You did have access to that Florentine poison though Hooke. And after reading about your escapades, a few folks might..."

"Bess? Gods above!"

"Oh, come on. It's just the controversy, honey. The people nowadays thrive on it. They'll be flocking to us, fighting for and against."

"But, that's horrible...Sordid..." Hmmn. "You really think...?"

"Just look at the most popular stories in the news today."

Bradford  •  Link

The Diary's ahead! When does voting close, exactly?

"I had not a fit opportunity to propose my paper that I wrote yesterday, but I had chewed it to Mr. Gray and Wren before":

Not, methinks, that Pepys had chewed it over with Gray and Wren earlier, but rather that he had "shewed" it to them.

jeannine  •  Link

Voting Crunch Time!

Now is the time to think creatively as we are in the final crunch. We need to note that the voting is going to be really tough as a large part of Pepys readership is located outside of the US while the competition seems US based.

That being said, it's time to send out reminder emails to friends, family, etc. Also if you have any email lists there may be a few people on those lists who would gladly cast a vote for Pepys. I just sent out an email to some select work associates, a parent's group and a reminder to my kid to vote in study hall.

If you include the url from the voting site (link below) it makes it so easy for them to vote.

We need to work collectively here to make this happen as the odds are NOT in our favor. I've been watching the voting for the last few days and Sam seems to peak in the am (eastern US time) and then fall off as the rest of the world awakens. So, we need to send this along, and, in the process we may actually get a few more readers added to our bunch! Thanks all and keep going!

What has always made this site so wonderful is that it is open for all to participate and share ideas –it’s not a one sided blog page, but unique in it’s ability to welcome us all!

jeannine  •  Link

Voting end time

Bradford -voting ends today at 5:00 pm US eastern time.

Pauline  •  Link

Quick Reminder
Vote! Our stiff competitor just announced on his blog that Pepys' Diary was ahead and he votes are rapidly coming in and he is now ahead.

cgs  •  Link

all thee lurrkers and sherkers go and stuff the BALLOT BOX with thy friends computers IP just like they did in the good old days of Sams, when they went to the local tomb stones for voters and

then click "Pepys' Diary". Thanks

cgs  •  Link

all thee lurrkers and sherkers go and stuff the BALLOT BOX with thy friends computers IP just like they did in the good old days of Sams, when they went to the local tomb stones for voters and

then click "Pepys' Diary". Thanks

Glyn  •  Link

What vote?

Greg  •  Link

Should "chewed" here perhaps be "schewed?" That is, showing the paper rather than masticating it.

Terry F  •  Link

L&M have "I had showed it...."

Australian Susan  •  Link

"showed" and "chewed" I had assumed this was a variant on "chewing the fat", but no, it's a mis-scan. So, anyone know if "chewing the fat" was used in the 17th cent?
Apropos of this - anyone read Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban? This is a post-nuclear accident story - humankind has had to revert to primitive ways of living, hundreds of years pass, and the language changes (lots of other things do too - read the book, it's an excellent read). Hoban is obviously fascinated by this and with much of the dialogue, you have to say it out loud for you to realise where it came from. One such phrase is what they use when things are discussed in depth: they say they "strap the lats" of things. Eventually, you realise they mean "extrapolate".

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