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About Saturday 26 July 1662

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The reason for baptism as an adult is that Christ was baptised as an adult by John. Mennonites refer to the baptism of babies as the baptism of cats and dogs. Girls would be cats and boys, dogs I suppose.

About Wednesday 23 July 1662

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Great pressures and Sam turns pettish. Small beer, personally I would be freaking out! Two houses under threat. House itself and the House of Work as I gather Sam is finished without Sandwich. Stress indeed.

About Wednesday 2 July 1662

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Interesting way to write to oneself. Speaking of Mr. Davis who "when by and by I saw him" then, meeting him later has the meeting to which he just referred. Very novelistic one might say but (as a diary) to what purpose?

About Monday 23 June 1662

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I recall reading an account of moving logs on the Ontonabee River near Peterborough in Ontario in the early 19th century. These were massive tree trunks of 4-6 foot diameter. They would wait for winter snowfall and hitch a log to a team of horses and head out across country. The really tricky part was going downhill. The logs tended to get a momentum all their own so the reins were let loose and the horses were left to run for their lives as this massive log slid/rolled down the hill after them. Some didn't make it.

About Tuesday 17 June 1662

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Doesn't Sam eventually have eye trouble and have to quit the diary altogether? Reading/writing at night under low wattage is a big mistake.