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About Saturday 20 April 1661

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Christo well points out the swap of New Amsterdam for Surinam but wrongly calls it a bad deal. Considering New York was lost to the British in 1776 and Surinam was ceded by the Dutch in 1954 not so bad at that.

About Monday 18 March 1660/61

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RE: Mrs. Davis. The problem is that sometimes you will find a person that more than willing to live a miserable life. If that person happens to be your neighbour you have a true dilemma. Once engaged with this type of person it becomes a question of who is the more capable of living most miserably. One cannot win! That neighbour should be feared lest they discover your fear. I think of Mrs. Davis as that type of person by the way she cut Pepys off from the leads. No talk, all fiat.

About Friday 1 March 1660/61

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By Hic Retearius' reckoning we should then talk of Pepys in relation to China and India only! All else handily fail the 5% ruling. Forget the cultural affinities that some tiny Commonwealth country might share with relation to English habits. Haughty reasoning I think. But hey, I am from a country that is a mere rounding error in the population contest.

About Tuesday 22 January 1660/61

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I curious about how spelling is arrived at via the shorthand. Presumably COUNCELL was written in shorthand so how was it interpreted into a strange (to my eyes at least) spelling such as it is? Why not COUNCEL?

About Saturday 19 January 1660/61

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The tense in this entry is confusing me. When SP said he met Venner and Pritchard on a sledge I assumed they were alive. Yet SP adds that they along with two more were hung today. Does that mean they were all sledge dead? If they were D&Q'd that would make for one disgusting sight!
As for cruelty. Last week I read about an execution in Ohio that didn't work out as planned. Gasping and convulsing for 1/2 hour before the final expiation. Now we hide our gruesome, vengeful nature with well worn pieties on judicial justice. SP and cohorts skip the pretend. They were not embarrassed by their need for vengeance.

About Wednesday 9 January 1660/61

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FIne. SP was brave. Now let us all find a new word for the truly brave.
Fine. SP was trained with firearms. Which means he had sense not to have the material to arm a gun lying around. That's the best of training!
I think Sam had to make a show for lively hood. So he got out his rusty sword with pistol club and made an appeal to competence. Here we are behind the mask.
I like his character and love the way he writes! No more so then when reading the diarist excerpts from various other authors cited in the annotations over time. Much appreciated!

About Monday 10 December 1660

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Tax avoidance. My advice is don't. I don't know how it works in other countries but in Canada citizens are responsible for all taxes owed. This is whether or not the tax man is in error. So, if they fail to collect or you are unaware that further taxes are owing matters not one bit. Once the error is noticed, you will owe all back taxes PLUS interest compounding. RevCan interest rates are entirely usurious. The worse beyond this is once flagged, they never forget you. Got a down in the office with nothing to do? Let's do you will be their motto.

About Tuesday 27 November 1660

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Let me get this straight. David tries a shake down on Nabal and foolishly Nabal tells the henchmen to take a hike. Abigail realizes the mistake and tries to make amends. David likes the way she handles herself and sure enough Nabal winds up dead a few days later. Like we're supposed to believe God killed him? Then Abigail cuts the only deal a widow in her situation can and marries the local creep. Good thing she had her looks! God be blessed. Then again, Nabal was from that low life Caleb clan so it was all for the better anyways. What a terrible story and lousy moral!

About Tuesday 20 November 1660

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French music. It was the age of Jean-Baptiste Lully and musically France would never be the same. A genuine superstar and all the rage at Louis' court. England must have sounded a tad provincial in this regard. Lully might deserve his own reference page.

From Wikipedia:
By March 16, 1653, Lully had been made royal composer for instrumental music. His vocal and instrumental music for court ballets gradually made him indispensable. In 1660 and 1662 he collaborated on court performances of Francesco Cavalli's Xerse and Ercole amante.[5] When Louis XIV took over the reins of government in 1661, he named Lully superintendent of the royal music and music master of the royal family. In December 1661 the Florentine was granted letters of naturalization. Thus, when he married the daughter of the renowned singer and composer Michel Lambert in 1662, Giovanni Battista Lulli declared himself to be "Jean-Baptiste Lully, escuyer [squire], son of "Laurent de Lully,

About Saturday 27 October 1660

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Funny when SP said "buying of things for my house" I assumed things like furniture, kitchen ware and all. But with expenses of that sort I guess books is what he meant!