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About Saturday 16 May 1663

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Liz seems to be having a good time for once!
WR the green demon I noticed that Sam did not make a vow (or renew his vow) to remain faithful to Liz. He has been very good with his theatre vows, so it is not that he is weak willed. I take this self criticism with more than a grain of salt and of very little worth. Well deserved discomfiture IMHO.

About Friday 15 May 1663

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Loathe to add to 51 annotations but there were so many Lords mentioned and all preceded by "my". I thought that the "my" was related to family but apparently not. Where does this tick come from?

On other notes. 4 days to die with you face blown off? Horrible! I wonder when the safety switch was developed for guns?

Aretin's poem had all the braggadocio of blues/rap lyric and even some of the rhythm.

About Thursday 14 May 1663

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RE: 50£
Imagine if Sandwich cleaned them out, do you think he would get invited back? Besides a ringer knows when to lose so as to win more later.

About Friday 24 April 1663

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So did Cptn Holland really cut his throat or was it an almost, like his being a Quaker? Did he show off the scar to SP or hide it a la Clint Eastwood in Hang 'em High?

Sam got some exercise through being exercised. Must have really wailed on to run out of breath.

I wonder how the phrase "my boy" got started? Charlie Mingus in his autobiography refers to himself in such fashion.

About Tuesday 7 April 1663

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Back when I was a lad I had a girlfriend whose mother came out from Newfoundland for a visit. Her teeth were the cause of much pain and her solution (if it could be called that) was to drop cloves into the cavities. That lovely lady had grit in more ways than one!
I imagine this solution dated back some ways. In Pepy's time using cloves in this way would be a very expensive solution.

About Wednesday 1 April 1663

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Most citations for the reason orchestral tuning is done from an oboe has to do with tone. IE Very few harmonic overtones. At A 440 the oboe cuts through the orchestral sound mass whereas other instruments tend to blend making it difficult for a trumpet (let's say) to hear the pitch clearly. You would be reduced to everyone waiting turns at the 'tuning fountain'.

Of course nowadays, even piano tuners use electronic tuners and what with equal temperament everything sounds, paradoxically, equally out of tune.

About Saturday 28 March 1663

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So much backwards and forwarding on this topic that I feel like I am going in circles! Unless somebody GPS' Sam's to and fro let's all agree to disagree, turn our back on the subject and walk away.

About Sunday 22 March 1662/63

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" Matters in Ireland are full of discontent."

Any links to what SP is referring to here? Was the Restoration content with Cromwell's work in Ireland enough to continue it's mayhem?