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About Tuesday 12 January 1663/64

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Of course we have no idea what Wight looks like. He could be a real toad of a man and that would put paid to all these wonderings.

On another note.
I live in no fear of spoilers as I find it worse when the knowing is kept from me. What does Wight get up to? Please spoil away!

About Monday 21 December 1663

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No mention of spurs being used in the cock fight. I always assumed them to be integral. A later innovation perhaps? The rooster thumb nail was nasty enough for the stabbing I suppose.

About Monday 30 November 1663

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"where I heard the best story of a cheate"

Well Sam, it may have taken a while but I heard the same story told much better by Mel Brooks in The Producers.

About Friday 13 November 1663

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"fear it"
I have another interpretation:
He just laid out 4l. 1s. 6d. for two of those nasty looking buggers. Itemized to the penny! To boot, he seemed surprised (by way of noting it) that his own hair reincarnated was worth more than the dying thereof. So now, every 2 years he is going to spend...?
Nope. He really fears it.

About Sunday 11 October 1663

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Both Sasha and Sarah have added very fine commentaries in the past. On this particular issue I side entirely with Sarah. I sensed a ironic use of the word 'sluttish' on this occasion. Sam's use of the word has been discussed many a times and his definition is not as ours from all that I have gathered.

About Thursday 8 October 1663

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The horror! The horror! Unnameable pain and gag inducing filth emanating from the nether reaches of house and body. Ahh, homelife 17th century style!