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About Friday 8 November 1661

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"scholler" A most unusual spelling! I wonder how a curious spelling (such as this) is worked out via SP's shorthand?

About Thursday 7 November 1661

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In the film The Great Train Robbery there was a fantastic scene with ringside bets being placed on how long it would take a terrier to kill a set amount of rats. That dog wasted no time! Grab it by the neck, shake vigorously till it snaps and move on.

The film Paint Your Wagon had a sign announcing an upcoming ringside event of a bull versus bear fight. Unfortunately (or fortunate) you don't get to fully appreciate the battle royale. It also has a most edifying scene of Clint Eastwood trying to sing a song. He loses.

About Sunday 3 November 1661

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In Cuba most meats are (were?) under government control and so inaccessible to all but the few. Chickens were not. However, they were so skinny that the locals referred to them as being "pre-cooked".

About Tuesday 1 October 1661

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And brawn beats brains.

About Monday 30 September 1661

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Best ever!

"But I, as I am in all things curious,.."

I would surmise the chains brought out the guns. Very clever Spaniards...

About Sunday 29 September 1661

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Do you mean it wasn't for cleverness that I outfoxed my friends last night?

About Tuesday 10 September 1661

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linkman et al
Henry Fielding: Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great.

I mean, my liege, Only to grace my tale with decent horror;
Whilst from my garret, twice two stories high,
I looked abroad into the streets below,
I saw Tom Thumb attended by the mob,
Twice twenty shoe-boys, twice two dozen links,
Chairmen and porters, hackney-coachmen, whores;
Aloft he bore the grizzly head of Grizzle;
When of sudden through the streets there came
A cow, of larger than the usual size,
And in that moment---guess, oh! guess the rest!
In that moment that cow swallowed up Tom Thumb.

About Friday 23 August 1661

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What? No comments about Sam taking the wife to see a play? This is first from my recall.
RE: simple
Sam had not much good to say about his deceased uncle's wife either...

About Tuesday 13 August 1661

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Smallpox has killed more people than any other disease. No other can compare. Extinct --outside the laboratory -- due to vaccination. I say this only to remind how ignorant and ahistorical the anti-vaccination movement of today is and how important it is to insist that this is so.

About 16, 17, 18, 19 July 1661

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I have trouble seeing anyone signifying hay solely by the word 'crop'. Rather 'hay' or 'hay crop'. Too early to be harvesting much else. However, there could be grain stored in silo. Hence "upon the ground" (to me) would be the present ripening field crop being let out. If one doesn't wish to spend the remaining growing season tending to the crop, letting out would be optimal.