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About Saturday 18 July 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Well, did he?

What a great entry. Feeling guilty? Sure, but no filling the entry with whining about having sinned against God for his filthy, disgusting lustfulness. I know that's how I would've done it if I were then!

I even think he would've respected her in the morning.

About Monday 13 July 1663

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"before I sleep fancying myself to sport with Mrs. Stewart with great pleasure."

What sort of sport and to what end pray tell?

About Sunday 5 July 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

R Gertz "a little grovelling" is a misinterpretation I feel.

Isn't this a kind of look see for Pepys into what Batten graft results in? Good luck has it, he gets along with the man's wife. I recall it happening on another occasion with milady.

The boat, she sails on.

About Friday 26 June 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

"collation of great mirth" Hmmm, sounds like a party!

RE: blind beggar - He built this house! No wait, he built that outhouse.

About Thursday 11 June 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

So finally, the smoking gun of Elizabeth's dissatisfaction with Ashwell and the irony is the Sam is completely oblivious. Ashwell is Sam's intellectual equal in a way that Elizabeth can't be.
Has Sam ever described Ashwell because I haven't a clue what she looks like? All I know is Sam isn't tempted by her otherwise we would've heard about it. Poor Elizabeth can't win for losing.

About Monday 1 June 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

RE: weak
I was remembering Tom's speak impediment along with the visitudes of class coupled with disability. Not sure exactly what that would entail but I would imagine Tom's range of friendship options would be restricted. Sam's observation but evidence thereof?

About Saturday 16 May 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Liz seems to be having a good time for once!
WR the green demon I noticed that Sam did not make a vow (or renew his vow) to remain faithful to Liz. He has been very good with his theatre vows, so it is not that he is weak willed. I take this self criticism with more than a grain of salt and of very little worth. Well deserved discomfiture IMHO.