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About Sunday 11 October 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Both Sasha and Sarah have added very fine commentaries in the past. On this particular issue I side entirely with Sarah. I sensed a ironic use of the word 'sluttish' on this occasion. Sam's use of the word has been discussed many a times and his definition is not as ours from all that I have gathered.

About Thursday 8 October 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

The horror! The horror! Unnameable pain and gag inducing filth emanating from the nether reaches of house and body. Ahh, homelife 17th century style!

About Tuesday 29 September 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I assume 'lighten' is lightening. So up Sam goes onto the roof during a thunder storm. A lead roof no less! Slippery and very much a conductor of electricity. Ignorance is bliss.

About Sunday 30 August 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Oxymoron Sam? I was thinking not. Alone, today just means something very different. Today's alone being historically unique? Probably have to do a social history course to parse it fully.

About Thursday 27 August 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

"good plank in the river" All very well with the explanation (t.y.) but how did they fast dry the timber? Esp. in as fowl a summer as the one they are experiencing?

About Wednesday 29 April 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Thanks to all for a very fun and sinuously interpretive annotation!

Can't be sudden onset OCD IMO. I assume the ruler is the timber ruler on which he now rules! It mustn't seem unruly, that just won't do.

Rather, a control freak trapped in the age of Lords with King over riding, must control what he may be allowed to control.