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About Friday 29 August 1662

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Avg 15 C for Aug. and that ain't cold? Dirk must be from England. Probably down to 9 C. overnight. Coupled with a reluctance to start up the fireplace in the morning? Freezing!

About Monday 25 August 1662

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'reverted to can(n)ibalism' Dim view of humankind or what? By the by they did a study of who survived and who didn't in the Donner party. Young men? First to die. Married women? Most likely to survive.

About Saturday 23 August 1662

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Forget the King, Queen, pageant and glory. "(T)hat which pleased me best" was a pin up girl for the ages. Liz best return soon or Pepys may go blind.

About Wednesday 6 August 1662

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I gather when SP speaks of " Who... did yesterday morning walk in the garden with me" he is speaking of Batten but who is he writing this 'reminder' for? Seems an unusual way to write to one's self.

About Tuesday 5 August 1662

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Considering how he kept an eye on the workman last time he had some renovations done on the house -- he hardly seems concerned for how they are working this time. What gives?

About Friday 1 August 1662

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Poor SP being so condemned for thinking out loud when all he is doing is writing to himself! I suppose what he should do is get a prostitute, contract syphilis and then spread that all around the house. Either that, or a good raree show. Personally, I think he was just getting ready to attend the Onan O'Brien show later this night.

About Thursday 31 July 1662

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As this is where we speak of it. I avoid all R. Gertz and take Cumgranissalis with a very large grain of salt.

About Saturday 26 July 1662

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The reason for baptism as an adult is that Christ was baptised as an adult by John. Mennonites refer to the baptism of babies as the baptism of cats and dogs. Girls would be cats and boys, dogs I suppose.

About Wednesday 23 July 1662

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Great pressures and Sam turns pettish. Small beer, personally I would be freaking out! Two houses under threat. House itself and the House of Work as I gather Sam is finished without Sandwich. Stress indeed.