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About Wednesday 14 January 1662/63

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No child and no resolution. Yes, I see this as the principal tragedy in their lives, particularly E's. Not the fact of not having children but that there was nothing else for her to do but have children.

About Wednesday 24 December 1662

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Money and today's equivalent. 7 pounds monthly household costs = @500 pounds today.
1 book for 4 1/2 pounds = @ 325 pounds today.
Either households are cheap or books very expensive.

About Tuesday 25 November 1662

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Pedro's link is-- shall we say---- naught active?

Easy to laugh at the Fanatiques but every age has them. No less today.

About Friday 31 October 1662

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I wondered that myself Terry. I assume crosses are Christian crosses ie people wishing him ill so hence the "for the whole world seems to smile upon me,".