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About Wednesday 29 April 1663

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Thanks to all for a very fun and sinuously interpretive annotation!

Can't be sudden onset OCD IMO. I assume the ruler is the timber ruler on which he now rules! It mustn't seem unruly, that just won't do.

Rather, a control freak trapped in the age of Lords with King over riding, must control what he may be allowed to control.

About Monday 3 August 1663

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I think not Joe. Petts problem, as I understand it is that he knows the people in the yard too well. They are a community and Pett sounds like a nice guy. Too nice.

About Sunday 2 August 1663

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An interesting point Joe makes on Pepys private dialogue with discipline. I take his musical pursuits to be of a piece with that.

I am curious about the vow reading. I usually take vows to be religiously based. Reading Benedictine in length? Very funny. The two of his I hold in my head are: avoiding drink and avoiding plays. These are more in line with what I would call resolutions. Perhaps his reading of vows is more like an internal pep talk?

And the limiting of plays? What's with that? He talks of the expense but somehow to me (at least) there sounds a moral dimension also. What I can't figure if it's a cultural bias - as in the traditional prejudice with theater being disreputable or something more peculiar to SP?

I should mention a book at this point: The Reformation of Emotions in the Age of Shakespeare by S. Mullaney.

I am imagining that 100 hundred years prior in 1563 Pepy's forebears would have been Catholic?
Not having an English nor a catholic background am I wrong to be still detecting it in Pepys?

About Saturday 18 July 1663

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I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Well, did he?

What a great entry. Feeling guilty? Sure, but no filling the entry with whining about having sinned against God for his filthy, disgusting lustfulness. I know that's how I would've done it if I were then!

I even think he would've respected her in the morning.

About Monday 13 July 1663

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"before I sleep fancying myself to sport with Mrs. Stewart with great pleasure."

What sort of sport and to what end pray tell?

About Sunday 5 July 1663

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R Gertz "a little grovelling" is a misinterpretation I feel.

Isn't this a kind of look see for Pepys into what Batten graft results in? Good luck has it, he gets along with the man's wife. I recall it happening on another occasion with milady.

The boat, she sails on.

About Friday 26 June 1663

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"collation of great mirth" Hmmm, sounds like a party!

RE: blind beggar - He built this house! No wait, he built that outhouse.