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About Monday 14 March 1663/64

Gerald Berg  •  Link

"so they deft their cards above" Does this refer to the playing cards? Why this detail and what does it mean?

"canaille" sewer? Meaning I found refers to dogs. What sort of sewer would this be? Surely not pipes.

About Tuesday 8 March 1663/64

Gerald Berg  •  Link

But I wouldn't want to lounge on your grass arby if that was the case. Try cayenne paste - works for squirrels on tomatoes. They remember too! Unfortunately they are not great on passing the word along.

About Sunday 21 February 1663/64

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Loved today's entry. Good news! Pall is not a slut!

Re preserving wood. You can preserve wood by drying it out. Fine for fire wood, lasts forever. Unfortunately (in the case of masts) the wood splits. Cold, deep water is the cure. Witness wreck preservation in the Great Lakes.

About Friday 19 February 1663/64

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I concur on the astute Mary and JWB's observations. My eyes glaze as much as Sam's gleam with these tales of wealth.

Shaving. No nicks this time Sam? Blade must be sharper. Care greater.

Question on shaving: Does this ritual now include shaving his entire head?

That wig must itch with real hair growth.

About Tuesday 12 January 1663/64

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Of course we have no idea what Wight looks like. He could be a real toad of a man and that would put paid to all these wonderings.

On another note.
I live in no fear of spoilers as I find it worse when the knowing is kept from me. What does Wight get up to? Please spoil away!

About Monday 21 December 1663

Gerald Berg  •  Link

No mention of spurs being used in the cock fight. I always assumed them to be integral. A later innovation perhaps? The rooster thumb nail was nasty enough for the stabbing I suppose.