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About Friday 6 May 1664

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I would imagine a joiner wouldn't be using nails. Hence, joining the wood? I doubt they could make a nail fine enough (for cabinetry) in those days. What about spikes? Did they have them?

About Wednesday 20 April 1664

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Who does Sam think he is fooling.? Why would Mrs. Herbert et al wish to think any better of Sam? What would be the point?
What we need is R Gertz to tell us what Mrs. Herbert really thought of it all...

About Thursday 14 April 1664

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Not to be too unkind to DT JWB but he failed his own words rather miserably by killing his light with alcohol. The poem is way too sentimental and unrealistic about the need for death to come. I am sure he realised that in the end.
It is my hope that Pepys senior gets a second wind. I would put this present diminishing to having a child die before oneself. That has to be a brutal experience.

About Sunday 10 April 1664

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My thought too Mary Ellen esp. considering all the "pox" rumours surrounding Tom's cause of death. Nothing seems reliable here except for the wonderful Mrs. Turner.

About Sunday 27 March 1664

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Fighting in the morning.

It seems they fight more in the morning than at night. A function of the lighting perhaps? I do recall sometimes SP going to bed angry but whether it was with Liz, the help, or work related I can't remember. These morning spats do seem to get resolved fairly quickly.

About Wednesday 23 March 1663/64

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In Trinidad lime also means:
(v) hanging out/socialising in an informal relaxing environment, especially with friends, for example at a party, or on the beach.

About Tuesday 22 March 1663/64

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Don't forget the recent death. See some death close up and personal, see some doggy style doings and the next thing you know...

So they held the little fellow up for an assist? Would that be called a Menagerie a 3?

About Monday 14 March 1663/64

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"so they deft their cards above" Does this refer to the playing cards? Why this detail and what does it mean?

"canaille" sewer? Meaning I found refers to dogs. What sort of sewer would this be? Surely not pipes.