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About Wednesday 31 December 1662

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A small correction above: " William, my clerk" links to William Howe. It should link to Will Hewer.

A very happy new year to Phil and all annotators and lurkers.

About Wednesday 3 December 1662

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"He may be, by comparison, or is he just blowing his own horn?"
Louise, surely history has given us a clear answer to that question.

About Saturday 2 November 1661

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"and a match carelessly with it, thinking that it was out"

Slow matches were used in Europe to fire matchlock firearms up to the early 1700s. From Wikipedia: "Slow matches were most suitable for use around black-powder weapons because a slow match could be roughly handled without going out, and only presented a small glowing tip instead of a large flame that risked igniting nearby gunpowder." No mention of the risk with gunpowder in pockets.

About Thursday 11 April 1661

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"[The] Youngmans careless Wooing" is contained in Pepys' own collection of broadside ballads. I see now that Pepys started this collection is the 1680s but it is still much closer in time and place to "today's" entry than the 1719 collection found by Brian Barr.

A facsimile of the printed ballad can be found here:

The University of California Santa Barbara has a archive of 17th Century ballads including the entire Pepys collection here:

The site has quite a bit of background information on the Pepys collection of ballads that might be of interest to annotators.

About Thursday 11 April 1661

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“Goe and bee hanged, that’s good-bye.”

A BALLAD of Old PROVERBS posted above by Brian Barr might not be the sung by SP.

"[The] Youngmans careless Wooing, And the Witty Maids Replication" looks more like the correct one as it starts "Down in an Arbour devoted to Venus" and has the reference: Magdalene College Pepys 3.130.