Glyn Thomas has previously worked on two walks which have been posted here, around the City of London, and Westminster. He has now updated both of these and added a third walk, around that other centre of Pepys’ diary life, Greenwich.

Here are the three guided walks in PDF format:

I’ve updated links in previous Site News posts to include links to all these new files.

Many thanks, once again, to Glyn for his work on these very detailed walks. They’re worth a read even if you’re nowhere near London!


First Reading

Mary  •  Link

Another vivid guide to parts of Pepys's London and Greenwich. Many thanks to both Phil and Glyn.

Paul Chapin  •  Link

Thank you, Glyn. Now I have yet another reason to go back to London. Your first two walks guided me through a full week in 2007, and made it a great experience.

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